Germany’s Crackdown on Freedom of Speech

WASHINGTON (The East-West Writer)—The German government wants to outlaw “hateful comments.”

According to state media Die Zeit and FAZ, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (BKA) are tracking down “radicals” and “hate-groups” in 13 federal states. About 40 to 60 households have been raided (conflicting reports, so far). Their crime: Language.

Free speech, as long as it doesn’t offend

Now, Germany is not the United States. Germany does not have a First Amendment (freedom of expression from government interference). Quite the contrary, The German Basic Law, Article 1, Sentence 1, states that “the dignity of man is inviolable,” which back then (in 1949) was meant to protect Jews and other minorities from state terror: “It is the state’s responsibility to respect and to protect the dignity of man.” Only after dignity is honored, does law serve human rights.

It means that indignifying language toward minorities must be prosecuted by the state. [In theory; in practice: a waste of time.] It’s a political crime. Censorship, therefore, is institutionalized in Germany. Any language that is hurting the feelings of professional victims is a career ender. That’s why politicians and the flagship media absolutely love it to accuse their enemies of being…well… of being the next wave of Nazi, upon which the Bureau of Prosecution is obliged – legally – to treat antisemitism.

German state censors go to great lengths to delete or replace the smallest icons, even in US satire cartoon shows. Source: Southpark

Who decides what’s “hate-speech”? Those who cry-baby the loudest!

The Bureau’s president, Holger Münch, told the FAZ that “the crime of hate-speech in the Internet must not poison society.” The Merkel regime is particularly worried about the fragile harmoniousness of the European Union. After the United Kingdom in June 2016 held a referendum and abandoned the increasingly authoritarian EU, Berlin now wants to criminalize further anti-EU rhetoric on the Internet, how? – by calling critics traitors, segregationists, and foreign agents.

It's a metaphor. Background breaking news: BILD, FAZ, ZEIT, FOCUS, ARD, Focus
It’s a metaphor. Background breaking news: BILD, FAZ, ZEIT, FOCUS, ARD, Focus

So far, the USA choose to remain silent. Human rights groups choose to remain silent. Although Washington promotes “freedom of speech” everywhere in the world, unconditional, yet it refrains from condemning Germany, a US ally and, some say: a client state. Germany hosts 174 US military facilities, including assassination drones at Ramstein and nuclear bombs at Büchel; it spreads pro-USA propaganda religiously, and it allows the CIA and NSA to surveil all German communication.

That said, even those US companies who are running the German Internet – Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. – are often baffled by the creativity of German censors. For example, millions of Youtube videos are blocked by Gema, the media watchdog, for “copyright reasons;” Online comment sections of all major newspapers are “moderated” by armies of press soldiers; Facebook, in January 2016, was asked to hire hundreds of ‘customer care agents‘ who now delete “incorrect” political views; Google receives 66,000 German applications a year for content deletion. The list goes on.

Censorship in Germany: Almost two thirds of Youtube’s Top 1000 videos are blocked in Germany. Source:

You will be punished for your offensive words! warns Minister of Justice

Meanwhile, Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, warned the Germans about typing hateful comments on Facebook: “There will be harsh punishment. […] There is zero tolerance for crimes on the Internet.” Minister of Interior, Thomas de Maizière, added that “violent language is unacceptable because it prepares the way for real violence” (bullshit!). Holger Münch, from the Federal Bureau, urges the Germans to tattletale on their fellow citizens. For that, and you are never gonna believe this but it’s true, the Ministry of Interior has set up a vast network of ‘Internetwachen‘ where citizens can turn online informants. Die Zeit reported how one Facebook user was fined 2,000 Euros ($2,219) for a post saying “Merkel should to be stoned.” And that’s a bargain! “The Jews had it coming! [the Holocaust]” will set you back 5,000 Euros ($5,547), according to Tagesanzeiger. Which is nuts, now that the mass media also said it.


So, how do democracy and shutting down the angry little man go together? The answer: They don’t! Sure, our dear leaders deeply care about their country. If they want to hold their country together, however, they must silence the the naysayers, the saboteurs, the violent mob, the religious fanatics, and the borderline psychotic. For that leadership has to blow up democracy. Who knew?

Facebook censorship is unconstitutional! Source:

Political theorists may salute the facts that Germany’s hypocrisy is finally exposed: Outwardly, those expert philosophers in Berlin pretend to value freedom of expression, especially (and conveniently) for all those separatists, dissidents, and revolutionaries in China, Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, and Russia. Inwardly, of course, the regime is suppressing tens of millions of German and foreign proles, polemics, and people who genuinely want to smash the system. Let’s face it: German democracy is a crock.

That’s right, most video games are censored in Germany. Source:

Thought Police in Germany

You either have freedom of expression, or you don’t. Thankfully, not all state media toe the line: The Second German Television (ZDF) runs a satire show, Hallo Deutschland, in which moderator Achim Winter shamed the new language police, for example the ‘Amadeu Antonio Foundation’. The Foundation screens websites for opinions that it feels are “anti-democratic,” and then pitches them to the gossip media and the government to shut them down.

Oh, Mommy, I Ain’t No Commie – I Just Fight Hate Speech on the Internet. Source:

The Foundation immediately complained to the TV’s internal committee of ethics and demanded the erasure of the show from electronic memory: We feel “shocked,” its chairman informed the authorities — “and deeply humiliated.”

by the East-West Writer