Germany strangles US Facebook with ‘Truthlaw’

Watch your #fakenews, Mr. Obama. This could end in $500,000 “sensitive fines” via Germany’s new #Truthlaw for @Twitter and @Facebook where it was posted

WASHINGTON (The East-West Writer)—US President Obama is lucky he only said so he was a Berliner but in truth he isn’t. If he was a Berliner, a German citizen, and claimed he was something else, it could lead up to 500,000 euros in sensitive fines under Germany’s new ‘Truthlaw’. The ‘Truthlaw’ or ‘Wahrheitsgesetz” seeks to outlaw lies, deception, and misinformation.

Get ready for the TRUTH,
Be ready for TRUTHLAW

Unbelievable mass media manipulation and #fakenews: IMF, Reuters, AFP, ZEIT reported in April 2016 before the Brexit: “IMF is afraid of serious global damage caused by Brexit – According to the IMF, a Brexit could lead to global economic damage. Forecasts for economic growth in 2016 are weaker than expected.” In December 2016 after the Brexit: “…so far the crash did not come. The growth forecasts for 2017 are even positive.”

Regime-approved media are the experts on truth, says regime

Never mind that the German media —ARD, Die Zeit, Spiegel, FAZ, Sueddeutsche— are largely in cahoots with the regime and produce fake polls, fraudulent expert testimonies, and enemy propaganda themselves. They are frequently called the “Lügenpresse” (Lying Press) for very good reasons.

Never mind that the nature of news is to create something out of nothing —gossip, party propaganda, product placement, gonzo journalism, provocation, shame tactics, click-bait, information warfare and so on.

And never mind the arrogance of the Merkel regime to claim a monopoly on truth. If this isn’t a totalitarian censorship scheme, what is?

“If Facebook does not immediately delete the affected report within 24 hours, Facebook will have to pay up to 500,000 euros in sensitive fines,” said the SPD parliamentary party chief [Thomas Oppermann]. Furthermore, at the request of the persons concerned, there should be a “correct position with the same range”.Die Zeit

“In the debate, Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) reported “long and intense efforts to build bridges.” Facebook, however, “did not use the opportunity to regulate complaints management itself effectively.”Die Zeit

Pretext for Crackdown on Internal Dissent

Following the (Trump) regime change in the United States, largely believed to be fired by alternative media and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the German regime is deeply concerned about its own survival.

This preposterous war on ‘fake news’ (opposing views) and ‘hate speech’ (inconvenient truths) and ‘populists’ (prominent critics) is a ruthless, orchestrated purge against criticism and dissent.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: ARD (German regime TV) propagates that President Obama was “a Berliner”. He is not.

Orwellian: The German Mass Media Post Identical “News,” Each and Every Day

A glimpse into Germany’s mass “news” from today, Dec 17, 2016:

The media of matters act in concert and spread almost identical propaganda (mirror US foreign policy) each and every given day, no investigation, no questions asked. Just repetition—over and over again—so that all 82m Germans read and hear the same no matter where they look. On December 17, 2016, for example: US Obama and Clinton are the good guys warning against ‘Putin Russia’ and ‘Fake News’. Facebook is singled out as the enemy of state, because it harbors ‘Putin Russia’ and ‘Fake News’.

Die Zeit, a transatlantic propaganda racket, features US Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton inciting hate against “Russia” and “Putin.” On the same page: Report on “Democracy in Danger, Europe no longer safe.” Dec 17, 2016
Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ). War on freedom of speech: Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas vows to crack down on Facebook over ‘fake news’. Parallel the paper’s character assassination on a former radio host turned Facebook satirist. Dec 17, 2016
Regime TV (ARD) with a “Special” on #fakenews -Facebook is basically fake news. Also: How to spot fake news, how “they” earn money with fake news, and how Russian “bots” have influenced everything from civil war in Ukraine, to Brexit and the Donald Trump presidency. Dec 17, 2016.
Sueddeutsche (German Southerner) . “This is how Germany steels itself against Russian hackers”. Russia “manipulates” our elections. Also: Barack Obama warns against Putin. Below that another article: Michelle Obama says “there is no hope.” Dec 17, 2016.