Germany found solution to make country safe again: Ban crime reporting!

Migrant crimes magically disappear in Germany as natives are forbidden to talk about them

Christmas time is here and the Minister of Interior [Police & Regime Propaganda], Thomas de Maizière, is expected to say how safe the streets are: “Germany has become more safehe said.

A statement that beggars sanity. Does it mean that Germany was less safe yesterday, this year, the last few years? Crime statistics, which the regime fabricates itself, show a rise of migrant crimes. In fact, since De Maizière is in office, terrorism and migrant crimes went up and through the roof.

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Intimidate the citizens, send in the thought police, threaten the journalists–Good plan!

But ‘the man’ is determined to lie his shirt dirty again, no problem: He was lying in 2015 when he stated that “migrants are no more criminal than Germans” and that “reports about migrant crimes on the Internet were made up” (here). [He later, in 2017, was forced to admit to lying because by then he looked like a complete idiot and bullshitter to the public.]

But lo and behold: De Maizière now discovered the final solution to make Germany safe again once and for all: Ban crime reporting! First, in 2015, he criminalized the reporting of ethnicity and nationality of criminals, because most criminals are black and brown. He then went on in 2016 to crack down on the police: Shut up about migrant crimes! Officers who spoke out or just mentioned the suspicious rise of rape and knife attacks and gang crimes were labelled ‘xenophobic’ ‘racist’ or ‘right-wing extremists.’

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Cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Duisburg, and Cologne now have no-go areas. German Christmas markets look like medieval fortresses: entrances and pedestrian walks are desecrated with large cement blocks, apparently to block Muslim killer trucks. Also, Christmas markets are much safer now because the military and special anti-terror deployment forces are patrolling them with their machine guns.

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As to make feel Germans forever safe, all regime media and regime press were instructed in 2017 to simply reiterate that Germany is much safer–over and over again. If now some rebel journalist came up with the insane plot to oppose the official regime talk and actually reported migrant crimes, that must be because he was a racist, hateful rabble-rouse whose sole aim was to discredit our fine Minister of Interior and disturb public peace.