‘Germany is German’ Speech Censored in Germany

You can’t say ‘Germany is German’ any longer in Germany

The Merkel regime continues its war on its own people and native Germans while censoring German dissident voices on US social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google/Youtube.

“What we Germans have to endure from anti-German agitators and hate preachers is extraordinary. Today, therefore, for a change: a positive vision of the future. Breathe deeply.”Hagen Grell

The US companies object to German totalitarianism of course; HOWEVER, to keep that useful dictatorship in power, they agreed to censor on behalf of the Merkel regime ONLY the Germans and EXCLUSIVE German content. The result is mind-blowing: Tens of thousands of German videos and articles and posts are getting blocked, banned, and delisted in Germany!… while remaining perfectly visible in the USA, UK, Canada, China, Russia, and Japan, etc.

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An anti-German, neo-Marxist regime and its genocide fantasies

Just like back in socialist ‘East Germany’ (which collapsed in 1990), the Germans now AGAIN have to use foreign media to get reliable news and information. In the Internet age, that means using software (such as a VPN service) that allow you to evade the German censorship wall.

The censorship industry is growing: Thousands of regime internet curators, thought police, but also affiliate ‘red guards’ (AntiFa) and socialist volunteers police the Internet and inform on their fellow citizens.

Here is how it looks like from Germany if you want to watch regime-critical content, for example, this video by political activist Hagen Grell:

“The content is not available in this country’s domain.” Hagen Grell’s ‘Germany is German!‘ video censored by the regime.

Since Google/Youtube is a US social network, Hagen Grell can simply re-upload his videos under other titles and try again (and again), or, as in this case, declare the content as ‘open source’ and ask international audiences to re-upload the videos on their own channels. The German regime will need more ‘censors’ and more ‘thought police‘ and so a vicious circle is set into motion.

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So, what was Hagen Grell’s thought crime in this video ‘Germany is German!’? He rigorously exposes the militant anti-German, neo-Marxist forces in this country, including the lying regime press, that openly call for the extermination of the Germans [white genocide]. His videos are well-researched and sourced and referenced. You don’t have to agree with him, or disagree with him, to know that he has the right to express his views–shared by millions of native Germans who are oppressed, exploited, lied to, and gradually replaced.

Our thoughts go to millions of German censorship victims who are silenced every day in schools, universities, the Internet, public comment sections, and all US social networks. Never give up!