Editorial: Germany is a mortally sick nation

The Washington Times just published an extraordinary editorial piece on the perilous path of Merkel Germany, entitled:

Guilty conscience, mortal peril

“Since 2005, the population of new arrivals has increased by 24 percent, while native-born have declined by 5 percent. Demographers calculate that unless current trends are reversed, Germans of Christian and European extraction will be a minority within 20 years, and perhaps sooner.”

WHY, why did she do it? A childless empress for a childless nation!

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Extraordinary… because if the author had published such an article in Germany, he would probably be called an AfD man or right-wing extremist. Even though he or she is not, even though the facts are correct and the final analysis is realistic: Germany is mortally sick, very sick. The German people are sick. Moral cripples. Brainwashed with “Nazi guilt” and “Cultural Marxism.” A race and nation without spine and spirit, without children (!) it imagines itself–under childless Supreme Leader Angela Merkel–as the savior of foreign offspring: They celebrate a death cult there in Germany. Migrants know this. They feel sorry for the native Germans who are conquered and finished for good. And because they feel ashamed for the emasculated, defeated Germans, they play along the German delusion.

Population replacement, crackdown on the natives, censorship state

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The 40% population with migration background are invaders, takers, replacements, yet if Berlin insists they are oppressed minorities and poor refugees, then, Inshallah–why not? Let’s play along and call us oppressed minorities and poor refugees! It is a extraordinarily sad situation, and, just like Don Quixote who mistook criminals for noblemen, local sheep for the real enemies, and thought to fight injustice in the world, he was just that: a mentally ill, delusional ‘idealist’ that, upon finally realizing what he falsely had imagined, fell onto his deathbed and never rose again.

Note: Angela Merkel is not the first leader whose idiotic ‘welcome’ policies brought about the conquest and downfall of their civilizations: