Why is Google pushing white genocide in your face?

Google manipulates, Google censors, Google demonetizes, Google selects what you see on the internet.

Look up the following white “search terms” in Google Image search and try not to cringe:

“American inventors”

Google Image top search results for ‘American inventors‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“White couple”

Google Image top search results for ‘White couple‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“White woman with children”

Google Image top search results for ‘White woman with children‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“European history people”

Google Image top search results for ‘European history people‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“Happy American couple”

Google Image top search results for ‘Happy American couple‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“White man and white woman”

Google Image top search results for ‘White man and White woman‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

“White British Couple”

Google Image top search results for ‘White British Couple‘ (last date of access: August 2017)

Cultural Marxism

This crazy and insidious indoctrination reminds us of cultural Marxism. In Marxism, the basic tenet is that you don’t wanna wait the natural development or shall we say the social evolution of human society. Instead, you wanna force it about! You wanna engineer society! Hence the communist doctrine of permanent social revolution.

/definition/ Cultural Marxism: dictatorship of the Left until the establishment of a raceless, nationless, genderless, classless society.

Google is a Marxist believer like this. It wants to abolish race, gender, nationality, borders, class, alternative political views, hateful comments, democracy, freedom of speech. The goal of Marxism, and by transfer: the goal of Google, seems to be: to engineer a new humanity and to ruthlessly subjugate all people under one single global narrative. What is most terrifying, in my view, is the shameless and open collusion of the entire liberal Western establishment with this insane and inhuman ideology: Marxism (or Communism, if you like) has now successfully infiltrated the American and European Center and Left who boldly re-branded it as ‘Globalism’.

Cultural enrichment: Cover of daily German newspaper ‘TAZ’ [enlarged]: black penis and white vagina on full display. Subtitled: “You have nothing to lose but your chains.” Such images [even when staged by agenda-driven activists] quickly rise to the top in Google image search.
Just like in Marxism, in Globalism our supreme leaders and their lying press will tell us that we are being exploited and oppressed [this time by: race, culture, nationhood, family, gender, the patriarchy, white Western heterosexual men, climate change deniers, Trump supporters…] and that Globalism is the ONLY way and the FINAL solution of all human strive because Globalism will make humanity conform and finally prepare us for the abolishment of inequality, intolerance, and oppression.

Needless to say, before this paradise on earth comes true, of course, great sacrifices must be made: wars, dissolution of nations, families, economies, mass migration, population replacements, the mixing of races, global thought police, and so on. In reality: a fool who doesn’t see that the Globalists will enslave the world, censor the hoi polloi, and oppress the populations like no power has ever done before. We are already able to witness this in the making of the totalitarian European Union, the formation of red guards on American university campuses, and the planetary crackdown on all forms of free internet speech.

The West subverts itself

It is disturbing to watch this Google brainwash and it makes one think how easy it will be in the future for our master manipulators to shame and destroy any ethnicity or nationality or politicum, say native Tibetans or Kurds, Koreans or Japanese, Germans or Jews: just spam them over and over again and confront them on every turn and corner with images of their own cultural suicide, their disintegration and out-breeding (and if they don’t volunteer: humiliate them as ‘racist’ or ‘anti-globalist’).

Some say that it’s just Google‘s “algorithms” which are unpredictable. If a resourceful regime or a group of political activists (let alone the powerful legacy media) put enough time and effort to it, they can and they will artificially game these algorithms to their advantage.

Blanda Upp‘ is a race mixing video broadcasted on Swedish TV. Google/Youtube feature it prominently. Critics, on the other hand, are banned and their comments deleted: Nazis!

Some others say that good Google has simply been hijacked–much like most of the Western liberal media and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter–by Marxist/Globalist forces and thus–by way of extortion and blackmail (lest we call you “a Nazi”)–became an enforcer and co-promoter of white genocide under the cruel euphemism of “cultural diversity.”

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The global reporting on Google’s hiring process, its censorship practice, and its resulting political bias (let alone the intrinsic moral corruption; search for: the “Google memo“) seem to support the latter theory. In that case, if there is any democratic survival instinct left in the United States, authorities must investigate this possible Marxist/Globalist subversion of Google and affiliated internet companies, let alone the leftist media. Because if you don’t, they are going to ruin your people, mess up your reality, and destroy your nation.

NOTE: Google, which owns Youtube, censors any criticism of its moral corruption and racist, anti-white ideology. Dissenting websites are frequently deranked, articles delisted, key words banned, commentaries deleted, videos demonetized or simply removed. For example, this post may not show in Google search at all.