Hartmut Bachmann – Climate Change is Bullshit

Hartmut Bachmann is the hobby scientist that’s the nightmare for any religious cult: He will debunk your bullshit and find your flaws! Bachmann believes that Climate Change is complete gobbledygook and agenda-driven make-belief. The man is also living proof that going up against the status quo is not a man’s choice but his calling. Bachmann studied aerodynamics, flew a fighter plane in WW2, re-schooled as painter, went back to study politics in Berlin, and ran a company for air conditioner components. But most importantly, he researched Climate since the 70s: “Back then, the propaganda media warned us a new Ice Age was coming.” He says that the cult of ‘environmental correctness’ forbids us to oppose the doctrine of a Climate Change catastrophe. Scientists who openly question the motives of the Climate Change lobby are being ostracized. So, Bachmann wrote it all down: The Climate Change Lie. Read it. PLEEEASE!


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