How Youtube works in Merkel Germany

Thought police and totalitarian censorship state

“Americans are freer. Much of what is filtered out in Germany through censorship may be freely accessible in the USA. Prime examples are videos on YouTube with controversial political content.” —

The USA, including its military, media, finance and tech lobbies, have a strong interest in keeping the Merkel regime in power. Therefore, no reports, not exposure. The United States are in total compliance with the German state censorship of the internet. The Merkel regime knows it has a ‘free pass’, and has pulled all stops: Democracy is no more. The courts, the police, the prosecution, the media are all in cahoots with the regime: You “expose” some corrupt politicians or journalists, you will most likely be harassed [non-notables cannot afford court and lawyer fees; are quickly pushed into existential ruin], and your “hateful speech” will be removed–wiped off of the face of the internet.


Even Merkel spittle-licker “LeFloid,” with 3,1 million followers, cannot escape the thought police. He has some of his videos banned on German Youtube.

“Censorship” cannot officially exist in “democratic” Germany, so the ideologues invent other names for it: “Moderation,” “Law for the Protection of the Internet,” say… or: ” the Right to be Forgotten.” The latter means that government agencies file ‘requests for deletion’ and force US search machines and social media into compliance with ‘EU law’. The real and total number of censored items is not transparent–for good reasons: Exposure could affect national security and all US-EU relations. Since social media are also “media,” they can influence elections, spread ideologies and enemy propaganda. At the bottom line, US media companies who collude with the Merkel regime and censor the hell out of the German internet are directly helping Merkel’s re-election and the witch hunt against the opposition–for example the AfD party.

Der Dritte Blickwinkel, with 4,600 followers, is blocked in Germany.
A small channel, GermanDude, with 2,600 subscribers, quickly went out of business as all videos were disabled on German Youtube.
KlagemauerTV, an independent News channel, was censored in Germany in 2014.

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In 2015, Google hinted that “it had received more than 200,000 requests from across Europe, affecting over 700,000 URLs.” Only about half of those requests for deletion were obliged. Still: the various EU regimes engage in mass censorship since 2015, long before the real crackdown in 2017 began, and Germany is leading the pack in the cleansing of the EU internet.

Oliver Janich, witch 32,000 Youtube followers, has his videos frequently banned on German Youtube.

The GEMA – noble ideals, mafia structure

Most people didn’t know that ‘Gangnam Style’ by Korean superstar Psy was actually blocked in German Youtube, because Youtube refused to pay a fee to GEMA, the music watchdog.

All censorship is political in some way–a fight for power and privilege–even if disguised as ‘the protection of the youth’ or ‘the protection of copyright’. We know, because of the FSK–the inofficial Ministry of Censorship (they censor ALL movies and video games) watches the originals and then deprives the rest of us of also watching it. As to the GEMA, it extorts money from mankind. Really: mankind. If anyone in the world refuses, like most foreign music labels do, to pay a small percentage of their profits to German GEMA, the organization will simply take out your Youtube videos. For example, German audiences were deprived of seeing Korean artist Psy (Gangnam Style) who at one point globally had over 2 billion views. Four years ago, when GEMA first stepped up its mafia style extortion system, over 60% of popular music videos on Youtube were banned in Germany. Almost unimaginable in the USA, I guess.

Perhaps the most censored video on German Youtube is this old lady talking about war crimes against Germans during WW2. Her video is mirrored and re-uploaded frequently by other channels, to protect this valuable content.

US companies back German censorship–for now

With censorship disguised as “guidelines and regulation,” the regime cracks down on the internet. How far will the abuse go? You would think there’s already been a wake-up call for the people of Europe? Wrong. Few have any idea how totalitarian regimes slowly strangulate the people, until it is too late: by law of association.

An enemy is named and shamed, and anybody associating with it labelled an associate. Even if some angry citizen were to link an otherwise harmless post to a blacklisted site, that post, its website and its website owner, will automatically be associated with political extremism. We see that on Youtube a lot, where videos are ‘reported’ and taken down for offensive comments in their comment section over which they have little control. The regime can thus accuse anyone with a political Youtube channel of inciting hatred or extremism–a criminal offense in Germany.

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Vulgäre Analyse, with 52,000 followers, has been targeted by state regime in an effort to take his channel and videos down–more than once.

What is going on is comparable, perhaps, to conventional ‘containment’ strategies in geopolitics: if somebody were to associate or have business with a blacklisted rogue state, that somebody would see his accounts frozen and his assets confiscated. The internet is no longer a free-for-all New World. It is a limited world [a few companies control most of it] and the various governments in the world –USA, China, Russia, EU, Germany, etc.–want to own and control their parts. And just like in geopolitics, “the people” are likely to be disposable and can be pushed around or crushed by their own regimes like insects.

Zerberster, alias Jakob Straub, at his peak with 20,000 subscribers, is frequently deleted, banned, and censored on German Youtube.

Censorship and Double Standard

Meanwhile, the totalitarian EU openly encourages hate speech, hateful comments and fake news if it is directed at its enemies. Youtube videos that target Putin’s Russia, Erdogan’s Turkey, Xi’s China, and Trump’s America can spread hate as much as they want. In Germany, it is totally OK to speak your genocidal mind about the East Germans, white supremacists, sexists, anti-globalists, Trump supporters, AfD’ers…

For Germans, the internet is not free: Millions of political Youtube videos are blocked, delisted, banned. The way around the censorship in Germany, just like the censorship in China or Iran, is using a VPN software (about $10-20), but few people bother anymore. They have accepted the totalitarian censorship state. Sad, but true.