It is Allahu Akbar, NOT “God is Great” –Do NOT TRANSLATE foreign key terminologies

Do not translate Arabic key terminologies

Allahu Akbar – Allah is Great!

The liberal press loves to demonize all critics of Islam, say, as right-wing extremists, but when it comes to the correct Arabic terms, Allahu akbar, it backs down, substituting Christian words for it: “God is Great.” In fact, the entire Western global media mafia uses outdated, archaic, racist so-called ‘Good Writing Guides’ that mostly command: “Do not use foreign words, Write in English.”

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Language Imperialism (2014)

Liberal media ‘hypocrites’ when it comes to diversity on foreign terms

CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Economist… commonly known as the Western legacy [Imperialist] propaganda media, still have these cruel Orwellian rules of writing in place in order to guard the Western master narrative against Chinese, Russian, and Arabic pollution.

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Allah is Allah, not God: Cherish cultural and linguistic heritages

You could also put it this way: our so-called liberal press and ideologues who preach the downfall of Western civilization through ‘diversity’, ‘multiculturalism’, and ‘mass immigration’ are deeply down in their constipation track horrified at what they’ve done, and what it really means to their country and grandchildren.

Nevertheless, they continue their double standards and hypocrisy: Side with foreign invasion here, but guard your own legacy there.

The New York City Islamic terror suspect who killed 8 people called from the top of his lungs “ALLAHU AKBAR”, and NOT ‘God is Great’. Most mass media, this time, had a go at foreign terms, mainly because a) foreign terms are unpleasant to the ear so they are employed as emotional trigger, and b) they are afraid of being called out ‘fake news’. Not so fake CNN which distorted Allah’s linguistic reality.

Image Source: CNN, via Dailywire.