Katie Hopkins to investigate White Genocide in South Africa — Follow her Activism

Journalism is pointless in hell, there is only activism

It would be easier to “expose” the ongoing white genocide in South Africa by following the hush money flow from Cape Town to the likes of the corrupt BBC, the Economist, and the anti-White British establishment… than to actual travel to the former colony and document black on white crimes.

First, you put your life and that of your team, let alone your families and friends back in the UK, at risk and in danger. Second, nobody cares about dead white farmers killed by blacks. It’s not News because it happens every day. [News is, if a white African kills a black one.]

The social engineering [in the name of diversity] is overseen and partly financed by globalist interest groups in the UK and the USA, is willed by the EU, and is ultimately agreed on by the planetary Western media cartels as the final solution to the problem of white supremacy (as they call the existence of whites). [Here’s the British Economist magazine celebrating the cleansing of white people as a triumph for South Africa’s democracy and diversity.]

Therefore, I suppose, you trip to South Africa is rather pointless, like a little boy shouting communism into communism, except for your own personal drama and click-bait victim show [I come to that in a minute].

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Expose those who cover up the crimes; they are sitting in the UK, not South Africa

As to travel expenses, which you preach you’ll keep so low: You could also simply collect witness videos and help cries from white South Africans over the internet–they circulate already by the thousands.

What is far more newsworthy is in fact the above described collusion of our Western legacy media to cover up these black crimes, as you yourself mentioned in your promotional video [see below]. THAT would be the investigative journalism part, not showing us endangered white farmers. [What do you wanna do, show us pictures of white victims and black murderers, maybe? That’s a hate crime, punishable in the UK, Canada, and the EU.] You already know what you’ll be reporting, so that is not neutral, unbiased journalism. It’s activism. In fact, you (drama) trip might incite more racism, more violence, and speed up the cleansing process–in other words: it is partisan journalism. Just saying.


It is advisable in SA to be more concerned about British and US intelligence services and agents than South African authorities. And avoid the foreign correspondents from the BBC, CNN, Economists, Guardian… They are in on it.