Knife and Ax Attacks by Migrants – Germany is not safe

Crimes against humanity

You wanna move to Germany? Ready your kids for brutality, murder, rape, sexual harassment, terrorism. The state says it is the new normal. That’s because the state is the sponsor. We are talking of course about the forced admixture, rampant migrant crimes, invasion, some say cultural genocide on the native Germans.

Wake up!

Turk slaughters the new boyfriend of his ex in open daylight in Hamm, NRW

It has gotten so bad, that the Merkel regime punishes anyone who speaks out against it: Hate speech. The Merkel regime also punishes reporting it: Fake news. Offending the politicians responsible for this: Hate crime, too. Sharing your sorrows on social networks: Censorship, deletion, persecution.

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Regime’s cover-up fails

Comment sections in the press? Policed. Commentating on the ethnicity or nationality of the criminals? Racism! The media censors the people! The media! This “New” Germany has nothing to do with democracy. This is a police state ruled by tyrants.

Afghan axes down four people on German train in Wuerzburg

Protect your families!

Forget about Tibet. Forget about Syria. Forget about Sweden. Forget about the human rights situation in South Africa. Germany is the real mess.

Signs in German swimming pools beg the migrants not to sexually harass German women, please. German teachers beg the migrants not to assault German kids. Rapists of German girls walk free, boast about their invincibility [and fertility] in German court rooms.

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Police, journalists, teachers… intimidated by state ideology

Ghettos, no-go zones, racial slurs. Forget about the Balkans. This is “New” Germany. The state approves violence against whites, repression against whites, hostility against whites. Knives, machetes, axes, trucks. The German president: “The people are the problem!” The repressed Germans are in danger at every street corner in their own nation. Which by the way is not theirs any longer, it belongs to “everyone who now lives here,” according to chancellor Merkel.

Bottom line: Nobody respects the natives any more. And if your wife or daughter gets raped, chances are you will be shamed a xenophobe.

Migrant kills woman with machete near Stuttgart
Ax man from Kosovo goes berserk in Duesseldorf train station

Title image source: Duisburg: 15-year old dies, police confiscates ax

Most recent knife attacks:

Kurdish gangs: Deadly knife attack in Hannover.
Knife stabbings in Guetersloh
Migrants stab each other at Flensburg.
Afghan knives down a woman in Priem am Chiemsee. Her two children had to watch the murder.
Afghan teen knives down a fellow teen near Hamburg