Last Jedi is a stunning yet objectively BAD MOVIE so get over it!!!

Star Wars: Last Jedi is shitty movie, yet corrupt reviewers still pushing Disney’s agenda 😂😂😂

Dishonest movie critics vs The naked eyes of Millions: Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an objectively BAD MOVIE

There should nobody in the sane world that can honestly say that Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a good movie. It was visually stunning, yes. You can like it all you want, yes. But in terms of character development, plot and story writing, the movie was a complete and sensational failure. Audiences on Rotten Tomatoes trashed the Last Jedi with a 49% score (last date checked: Jan 24, 2018). [The WORST of all Star Wars movies produced so far! Even Attack of the Clones got away with 57% and The Phantom Menace with 59%!]

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“Last Jedi: Space Hitler Chases and Butthurt Starship Diversity”–Anonymous, /pol/

Worse, the Last Jedi is not only bad storytelling, it is also stupid (Luke’s alien cow milking scene, Leia’s spacewalk, prank-calling the evil general, Rose the token Asian, the light-speed kamikaze job, the book burning, Benicio del Toro…) and highly politicized and full of social justice warrior agenda, diversity cult, and radical feminist ideology. That makes it embarrassing, even unwatchable, for many adults.

Now they tell you: You must love their movies or else you will be demonized as the political and ideological enemy

But you must love this movie because it has so colorful people and lots of superhuman women in it! It is so diverse and concerned over animal rights and casinos. It its anti-capitalism and anti-Trump. White people are Nazis. Only racists can not love this movie! Accordingly, the Fake News Media’s ‘critics’–all fearful of being called right-wing extremists, sexists, or Nazis–are giving The Last Jedi 5-star reviews and 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Fake, fake, fake!

Dirty journalists and their fake reviews

Fake News Media produce fake movie reviews. We knew that, of course. Most legacy reviewers, those paycheck-chasers with the magazines and newspapers, are deep in Hollywood’s and Disney’s pockets: They are dependent on Disney, too: favors, perks, freebies, and access to actors and insider events. But this time with the hyped Last Jedi, it’s more than the usual corruption: The critics, it seems, don’t care any more about the movie itself but instead defend the party… excuse me: the Disney corporation: They are turning political militant, aggressively attacking the audiences for not loving this great movie.

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Disney and Hollywood are at war with this country and its people

Meanwhile, the shamed audiences–fans and newcomers, young and old–cheer the weird aliens and spaceship battles (bomb droppings in no-gravity space?), but cringe at the movie’s inconsistencies, flaws, disrespect for its heroes (Han, Leia, Luke… all composted), plot holes (no fuel for ya spaceships, eh?), and unbelievable political brainwash (The bad guys are white men from the evil Patriarchy who will be bested by a female can-do-it-all, affirmative action heroine and “the Force” that is, you’ve guessed it: feminine).

There is a place for bad Star Wars movies too: to feature the good ones, so get over it!

The fans naturally mock the corrupt reviewers. Disney and Hollywood will always make a lot of money, given their planetary monopoly, their colluded reviewers network and media empire. But what those paid-for revisionists and totalitarians cannot do in a million years is making an objectively bad movie into a good one, sorry.