Look what’s happening last night in Germany (They’re attacking with axes and machetes!)

DÜSSELDORF – Just hours after a “mentally unstable” Kosovan savaged random passersby with an ax in central station, another man took to a parking lot with a machete. A MACHETE! The attackers are probably unrelated. Which is even scarier, no?

Germany, Germany,… what’s happening to you?

While the ax man injured 9, Machete only managed to cut down 1. His victim, a 80-year-old retiree, survived the mean blow. But, still, the perpetrator is on the run and already caused some considerable panic in a nearby elitist high school. “Some students react very excited and frightened. This is then potentiated, because they immediately call home with their mobile phones, ” a school administrate explained.

Crimes just terrorize the population, News about crimes terrorizes the regime

Maybe the Merkel regime could have thought about migrant crimes before and turn off all communication when they occur? Also, you will have to re-educated those elite students, lest they all got red-pilled, that it was absolute racist and xenophobe of them to escalate the fear of terror.

You could be ruining Germany’s tolerant image…

Picture source: Machete attack in Dusseldorf: Bild.de