Limited ‘60% OFF’ is New York Times’ FAKE SALES DEAL (NY Times Spam, New Round)

If you’re new to this: We happen to collect some of the most annoying New York Times subscriber spam. [Start here, here, or here] Really aggressive, automated sales spam from the world’s most notorious ‘fake news media’.

Exaggerated discount claims for years

The NY Times ‘spam offers’ themselves are ‘fake news’ -if you will: For example the “ends soon” 60%-off-deal basically renews itself as soon as it clocked off. Or it switches to standard 50%-off for a while, then drops back to amazing 60%-off. [I wonder if there’s any idiot subscriber out there who paid full price for a NY Times subscription. If they do exist: buffoons.]

Misleading customers with “half-price” promotion

Also, the sales pitch rhetoric used on some of the spam pieces is often cringe-worthy. Like some religious cult, the NY Times is the only one you can trust -at “half-price” for just $1.5 dollar a week! :-D

60% off for one year . That must be A VERY SPECIAL offer for ‘the facts’.
Now facts are back to ‘Now 50% Off for One Year’. Damn.
Same ad in orange. Different colors work on different people, I guess.
Wait a minute. Do they really test the full color spectrum on their subscriber spam? If they are clearly manipulating with their ads, how about their news?
Same as above. But from a different day. The New York Times is spam bombing email boxes and social media with this.
“Offer ends soon” -Well, only if you are new to this sales scam. I am watching their subscriber scam for three years now, and I can tell you: The offer will be renewed in no time.
Haha, this one is great. The globalist New York Times is basically telling their readers whom to vote for, home and abroad (Clinton, Macron, Merkel, etc.). Anyway, 60% off on debate, not division, yadayada.
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Spam Spam, New York Times Spam. Freaks me out. Here’s why…