Lisa & Lena – Cloning blond German babes

STUTTGART – They are almost perfect. Kinetically speaking.

lisalena-gif-2We call this model “influencers”. They can’t sing or song-write yet.. They move their lips, they jump up and down, on a smartphone app! The people love it!


The creator, Oliver S., pacifies: This is only the beginning! They learn so fast! We created them look 14. So we can fit a lot of clothes on them. The beta version, Lisa and Lena, got 6.1 million followers on Instagram, and 2.5 million views a day on Youtube, in just 4 months!


Not everyone is pleased, though. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation, a PC watchdog, calls the mass fabrication of white, blond German Mädchen problematic. “It is offensive to people of color,” a spokeswoman said. “Stop it.”

lisalena-4 O schöne Technologie…

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