Logan Paul will make you hate White People… AGAIN

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Logan Paul traveled to Japan, haha. What a mess!

Our Japanese Man Yuta has the update:

It goes without saying that Youtube fully supports Logan Paul’s behavior and actions. The monopoly on video content put Logan’s ‘Japanese suicide man’ video on their Youtube trending list. Just to put that into perspective to the rest of the planet: Millions of other channels frequently get blocked, blacklisted, or demonetized by Youtube for the slightest misconduct or offensive content, but not so Youtube‘s own selected champions who can do as they please. Think of Russian Olympians who are unfairly doped–by the regime itself.

Lots of dollars to be made from insulting the Japanese, there are 127 millions of them!

In a healthy society, Logan should be put into a mental institution. But America is not a healthy society. As long as multi-billion dollar ‘media’ monopolies such as Google-Youtube support the Logan Paulers in this world, of course they’ll become mega celebrities. After his Japan trip, Logan’s Youtube channel grew by between 16k and 80k followers–a day! If Logan doesn’t lose his sponsorship deals and isn’t attacked by the mainstream media (as Pewdiepie was last year), he can easily afford to travel to Iran, China, Germany, or North Korea next and offend those people and thereby triple and quadruple his growth rates. He now hatches above 15 million subscribers. Dope.