Make Germany safe again for German girls and women? FAT CHANCE #merkelmussweg

The AfD or “Alternative for Germany” campaigns for “Making Germany safe again for girls and women.” The hashtag used: #merkelmussweg …

… “Away with Merkel”

The campaign is the direct response to an increase of sexual harassment, abuse, and rape cases of German women by Merkel’s migrants. The Merkel regime opened the border in 2015 to 1.5 million illegal migrants. Terrorism and Islamic extremism aside, this “Invasion” (71% were Muslim males) has destabilized the country. But instead of disciplining the migrants, the regime went to extreme lengths–censorship, oppression, and thought police–to stifle or suffocate any news about migrant crimes, especially those committed against German natives. Media and police are instructed NOT to report on nationality and ethnicity of criminal migrants.

UNFORGIVABLE Merkel is Politically Responsible for the Murder of Maria Ladenburger

Blame the female victims, celebrate ‘cultural enrichment’

And if the victims complain, they are called ‘right-wing extremists’, ‘foreigners-haters’, or ‘Nazis’. A female politician, Alice Weidel, who spoke out against the protection of German women was called “Nazi-slut” on regime TV. Abused women and girls, who live in fear and terror in parks, swimming pools, in public malls or in clubs, especially after dark, are intimidated by their own government: Do NOT come forward! Prosecutors do not prosecute criminal migrant gangs. Courts let migrant rapists go on bail. Citizens whisper of genocide against white ethnic Germans. Some politicians say it out loud.

Racism against ethnic Germans is a taboo topic–yet very real

In many African and Middle Eastern cultures, women are still subject to universal domestic abuses, child marriage, arranged marriages, and genital mutilation. Especially the females of a conquered nation are there for the taking. Those migrants continue their uncivilized behavior in Germany. Female police, female authorities, and female helpers are disrespected. There are no-go zones in most big cities now, and females are advised to not go out alone after night falls. The biggest ‘mass sexual assault’ so far happened on New Years Eve 2016 in Cologne, where 2000 mostly African men sexually assaulted 1000 women! In Hamburg and Berlin… similar incidents. The regime media and the police wanted to cover it up, but thank God: US social media such as Youtube and Twitter allowed the sharing of witness videos. Since then, a clamp-down on US social network started, but more on that in other posts.

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Lawlessness for the migrants, thought police for the natives

German parents, but increasingly also migrant parents of victims are told to shut up. Journalists silenced. Academics ostracized. Entire regions such as Saxony are labelled “Neonazis,” just because they demand the Merkel regime to stop the censorship and the rape and disrespecting of their women and children.

Since the hypocritical Merkelians in Berlin would cry loudest if such injustices would happen, say, in Tibet or the Ukraine, but keep their own people suppressed and helpless against foreign invaders, it seems right and just to support the cause of the AfD: “Merkel muss weg!”