Markus Gärtner – Crusader Against the Lying Press

Markus Gärtner, a former top-tier journalist, decided it was time, after 25 years running errands for the media mafia, to inform the general public about the methods of the Lügenpress [The Lying Press]. In this bombshell of a book title, Gärtner calls bullshit on our agenda-driven, shameless mass media. For example, about the current immigrant crisis, he says: “Although the immigrants are [made up of] 70, 80, 90% young men, you will see on ARD and ZDF [the two state media] disproportional many women with kids.” The dissident sees the biggest problem of Western media in its Rudel-Journalism [group-think] or Einheitsbrei [same old story]. Moreover, journalists now largely plagiarize from the press agencies (AP, Reuters, or dpa), or translate from [far better researched] Anglophone publications, or simply regurgitate articles they googled on the internet or spotted in their media feed. This way dangerous viral campaigns are created, for instance against foreign leaders: “It’s like driving a pig through the village,” Gärtner explains. [Editor’s note: It means: Everyone gets to hit it with a stick to make it shriek louder.]


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