For Merkel, Criminal Migrants are the New Normal

That now infamous speech from hell on June 11, 2011, in which Dear Supreme Leader Angela Merkel explained to the native Germans that they must accept higher crime rates among migrants. Insane!

Criminal migrants the new normal

Four years later, in 2015, Merkel had the German borders opened to 1.5 million illegal invaders [in newspeak: “refugees”] from Africa and the Middle East, most of them Muslim men of fighting age, who started pillaging, plundering shops, terrorism, disrespecting German women (including sexual harassment and rape on a scale never imagined in peace time) and humiliating German men.

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All that prompted leader Merkel to act swiftly: With a massive crackdown on freedom of speech, thought police, and the press, the police, and the prosecution all covering-up the migrant crime epidemic. Hideous. But it worked. Merkel is after all a former East Germany communist cadre.

1:43 Merkel: “But we must accept that the crime rates are particularly high among young migrants.”

Note: The German regime is constantly taking Merkel videos off Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, and is threatening citizens as well as said US companies with high fines and criminal charges for sharing such ‘hateful comments’.

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Criminalizing the victims of migrant crimes for speaking up

Here’s another speech by Angela Merkel, in 2016, in which she called for a crackdown on social media:

The official crackdown she is talking about, executed by her infamous Justice Minister Heiko Maas, went active on Oct. 1 this year. It makes the mere reporting of migrant crimes a ‘hate crime’. That also includes media and police reports, which must omit the ethnicity and description of criminals.

Meanwhile, the anti-German regime green-lighted the demoralization of ethnic white Germans as potential racists and right-wing extremists, citizens inform on citizens, disseminated by the regime press day-in-day-out. The anti-German propaganda is overwhelming and will probably not come to a happy end.

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A dying regime’s last brutal vengeance

Merkel’s anti-German party, despite all the 1st-World-state-of-the-art propaganda machine and the support of former US president Barack Obama, scored barely 33% in this September’s federal election, a loss of 9% to her previous term, while the politically oppressed, regime-critical ‘Alternative for Germany’ entered the parliament with a threatening 12.6% of the votes. Merkel will have to resort to even more extreme tactics and total oppression, or else loses control and a broken net of lies and deception.

Explosion of migrant crimes and a dying regime busy covering-up the humiliation. Merkel to native Germans back in 2011: We have to accept higher crime rates among migrants. She really meant it!