Merkel on state censorship: “We have regulations governing freedom of the press”

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—The Mother of Censorship, Angela “Mutti” Merkel, is worried about the “less controlled” alternative media and all those pesky social media networks (all US-companies by the way) that of course only spread “fake news” about her and her regime.

History of police state, media collusion, and institutionalized censorship

A former politician in communist East Germany (her regime collapsed in 1990), Merkel was installed US puppet dictator in reunited Germany in 2005. Shielded from criticism she bullied smaller EU states, installed a Stasi-like new thought police, co-opted the mass media, erected a surveillance state, and dismantled all democratic institutions.

A tyrant not seen before in Europe

She helped to build an autocratic European Union, un-elected and lawless, to which she handed future Germany’s rest-sovereignty. The clueless German people she used to bail out big banks, finance NATO-wars, including US drone killings, drove half of Germany into poverty, anxiety, and despair, and used their tax payers money to have them dig their own grave by subsidizing the re-population of Germany by millions of immigrants from Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East (in 30 years, Germans will be a minority in the country).

Ms. Merkel plans to continue as the supreme leader of Germany until 2021 (4 terms), with the blessing of US president Obama, and vows to crack down on “Fake News”.