Merkel is alone. No Army, No EU, No Support

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Will she hang herself? Angela Merkel has ruined Germany. Beautiful culture. Bye bye. She has also ruined the European Union. It is going to fall apart.

Donald Trump says Merkel made ‘catastrophic mistake‘ on migrants” —BBC

“…other European nations would probably follow Britain’s lead by leaving the European Union.” NYT

Russia, China, Turkey, Syria, the ‘other’ Europe and Trump America… all secretly want Merkel to die a horrible political death for the things she has started. The worst thing for a leader to do is to betray her own people, her own country… FOR NOTHING! Zero! Null!

All seems in vain: The perfect media Gleichschaltung. The thought police. The censorship. The prosecution of dissidents. The crackdown on freedom of speech. The dismantling of democracy. The signing away of the nation’s sovereignty to the autocrats in Brussels. The insane idea of forcefully replacing the ethnic German population. The collusion with the US Obama/Clinton clique. The terror of the globalists…

Merkel must call Germany and Europe what it is: A totalitarian state or superstate, and then act like a proper dictator and do that omelette thing.


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