Merkel is Politically Responsible for the Murder of Maria Ladenburger

As migrant crimes spin out of control, Germany is no longer safe

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)—Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel wants to be remembered as a responsible leader and for her political deeds, except of course if things go terribly wrong. If things go terribly wrong, she arrogantly rejects her responsibility.

Enriching German culture with unchecked millions of so-called “refugees and immigrants” from Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East went terribly wrong!

Maria Ladenburger (19) was raped and murdered by an Afghan refugee (17) on October 16, 2016. The crimes caused a global outcry because the Merkel regime and the colluded German press tried to cover it up. When that failed, they blamed the victim and threatened the Germans to shut-up about migrant crimes because it is racist.

“The Chancellor is politically responsible for Maria L.’s murder. And since she wants to be re-elected, this is precisely the thing that she seeks to obfuscate.”–Nicolaus Fest

Merkel opened the borders to millions of dark-skinned male invaders as a race trophy and symbol of her anti-racism —invaders that will not spare the white Germans in return. Opening Germany’s borders to largely uncivilized, mostly Muslim males of fighting age —refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants— to gradually replace the native German population was a terrible idea to start with. But that’s OK. No people live forever, right? If only the new masters of Germany wouldn’t show off in public and do as they please: disrespecting the police, stealing in shops what they need, selling drugs, breaking into houses, and raping and harassing women. And anyone who criticizes migrant crimes is called a racist.

The refugees demand free housing, lawyers, entertainment, the Inner cities and free money, and lots of German women for their amusement. Even Associate Press (AP), the globalist propaganda racket, recently took the piss out of the situation by recommending ‘Mr. Flirt’, a pick-up artist in Dortmund, who offers €1,400 training courses for Iraqi and Afghan refugees on how to get laid with German ladies: “Men and women have sex all the time — on the first, second or third date, that’s normal.”

Since the Merkel regime finances the migrants, it covers up migrant crimes. We are talking about systematic police and media cover-ups, fake statistics, polls, and fraud expert testimonials. Germany is now a censorship state.

“We are told something completely different, we see something different in the media, and we are constantly banned when we want to talk about these problems.”–RETRON

Delusional Merkel doesn’t realize what she’s done. As if nothing happened, she recently announced her 2017 candidacy for another 4 years in office, making it 16 years as Germany’s Supreme leader (“Leader of the Free World,” nominates Barack Obama).

“Angela Merkel and her government are responsible for this course […] because this state recklessly failed to distinguish between immigration and asylum […] didn’t control our borders […] and every death at the hands of a so-called “refugee” is one death needless and too many.” —Alice Weidel

What is happening in beautiful Germany is truly horrifying, and proves to the people of Europe beyond doubt that nobody is safe. What the people thought was sacred: their nation’s security, their country’s borders, their personal safety, their property, their laws, their families, their sovereignty, their culture and their rights can be broken or taken away from them any time. Worse: the mass media —once sought to protect the people from corrupt politicians— are now part of the corruption!

The people also realize that friends and comrades are disappearing left and right of them: accounts deleted, videos banned, state police visited. Regime TV and propaganda denounce all ‘alternative’ media as “fake news” and demonstrators as “right-wing extremists and radicals.”

Germany’s war on its own people is the saddest thing…

by The East-West Writer

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