The Truth about Merkel Propaganda [WARNING: Regime Press OVERKILL]

Warning. Important. This post is about Merkel regime propaganda. The originators of polls is the regime media itself. The regime is writing its own narrative. It is then sold as ‘News’.

Regime TV “ARD” and Regime press “DIE ZEIT” want you to know that supreme leader Angela Merkel is actually more popular NOW than she ever was since 2015 (!!!) during the migrant crisis that almost killed the European Union!


Here’s what they say: “According to ARD Deutschlandtrend [the regime media!], German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is as popular as before the beginning of the refugee crisis in August 2015. 64 percent of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with her work.”

How is that possible?

Germany now has terror, massive migrant crimes, censorship, Britain left the EU, America elected Trump -all as a reaction in part to Angela Merkel’s “open the borders” lunacy. Ah, and her crackdown on social networks probably breaks German Basic Law.

I mean, how much brainwashing do you have to do to make the Germans LOVE their abuser EVEN MORE NOW!

Power word ‘beliebt’. Merkel is big, popular, well-liked, admired, fancied, favored MORE THAN EVER!

FUCK ME! They fabricate their own polls!

Let us expose the propaganda show, shall we: The regime media ARD manufactures its own polls: Merkel more “beliebt” (popular) than ever! And then the ‘fake news’ trickles down onto all the nation’s second and third tier media:

THAT’S INSANE! The election is rigged. The system is broken. They fabricate their own leaders. It has nothing to do with democracy. ARD who did the poll IS THE REGIME!

ah, calm down…

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Of course, there is no other candidate. Martin Schulz, the brute, corrupt ex-Eu parliamentarian, was presented last-minute as a token “challenger”. You know. Affirmative democracy. Anyway, with propaganda like this, the questions are always biased and the polls are always manipulative:

“At the same time, the confidence of the Germans in the USA falls to a new low. As a result, 21 per cent of the interviewees consider the US to be a trustworthy partner, eight points less than in April. This means that the USA is on the same level as Russia.”


Damn. That is original. The regime media are feeding the people concentrated ‘anti-Americanism’ and offer Merkel as the solution.

And then enters the EU…

“93 per cent of the interviewees agree that the European Union countries should also work more closely together in defense policy.”

Ahh, so THAT IS what the propaganda is all about: You want the totalitarian EU under Merkel leadership to build an army.

Well, in that case…

we have “no alternative” (her election motto) but to “re-elect” Merkel into power for the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th year!