COLLAPSE: German Regime and System-Press Blame Fall of Europe on Russia

If democracy means people vote those crooks out of power, than those crooks will say democracy is in danger

HAMBURG (The East-West Writer)—Incredible war propaganda! The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) is a police- and surveillance apparatus with links to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Their tasks include propaganda and information warfare. The German newspaper Die Zeit [Times], our so-called “free press,” should not turn into the mouthpiece of regimes and secret services.*

“The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) warns against Russian data attacks and disinformation campaigns in the upcoming Bundestag election campaign.” —Die Zeit

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If Russia’s Putin wants to influence the re-election of Merkel, than America’s Obama has just done so OPENLY in Berlin this week! The paper should therefore particularly warn against US operations on German soil (transatlantic bridge). Not enough that Die Zeit patronizes the “free” German electorate, it criminalizes it:

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The readers see it ever-so crystal-clear: Die Zeit, commissioned by a failing and desperate German regime, is looking for somebody else to blame: If the people don’t vote “correct,” that’s because a foreign power, Russia, has brainwashed them.

Regime change in the West: First the BREXIT referendum, then TRUMP America, now voters aim at the corrupt EU and the “Mother” of Terror: Angela MERKEL

*The mass media in Germany are gleichgeschaltet. It means that they are in total collusion and spread (or censor) the same ‘news’: Die Zeit, Focus, Deutschlandfunk, ARD, ZDF, FAZ, Sueddeutsche, Welt, Spiegel, etc. In addition, they frequently repeat US propaganda issued by Washington and the CIA from the previous day.


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