Merkel Regime Vilifies German Universities and Professors as Sexist, Racist, Nazi

“So Racist and Sexist Are Professors at German Universities”Die Zeit

The liberal insanity is unstoppable. Like cancer, it eats away its host [and dies with it]. The German nation is lost. We are experiencing a Communist revolution and the Destruction of Europe as we know it.

“A law professor in Leipzig tweeted about a “white Europe”. We asked students if they too had experienced discrimination. Your answers are partly shocking.”Die ZEIT

German universities were never “free”. They are after all state organizations. Professors are state employees. 90% of all “research” in the social sciences is done to support exactly “the theories” the regime and its cronies paid for. Polls are fabricated. History is fabricated. Degrees can be brought by donors (only idiots have to study). Heroes and villains are produced that fit into the regime’s historical narrative. Universities even train the priesthood. Religion and politics are not separated at all. The Merkel party is the “Christian Democratic Union” or CDU.

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Marxist ideology is eating away the state like cancer

“Xenophobic or sexist statements by professors or lecturers at universities are not uncommon. We asked students to tell us anonymously about their experiences.”Die ZEIT

The state universities thus fulfilled an important socio-political task. Just like the military who guard the borders, or the politicians who represent the people, or the media who creates diversion and enemy propaganda against our foes, the universities have the mission to guard the German historical narrative.

Now, that mission lies disgraced and exposed. The Merkel regime aims for subversion, revisionism, and cultural revolution–Mao and Lenin-style but with a twist: Foreign mercenaries unite with red guards: Millions of non-Germans have taken over Germany and made it their own. They bring their own language, their own traditions, their own narrative. Germany belongs to the Turks, to Africans, to Russians, to Iraqis, to Syrians… “to everyone who lives here”–in the words of Dear Supreme Leader Angela Merkel. So now the hunt on ethnic white German professors started. And it is brutal. How to get rid of them? Humiliate them. Smear them–anonymously, no problem–as intolerant, sexist Nazi pricks.

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Everything associated with white Germany is now “racist” and “white supremacist”. The regime, scared of being called “Nazi” itself, criminalizes its own people: The cancer has reached the brain. Who needs “the law” now? It’s about life and death! Regime media are the new public courts. They don’t need stupid evidences or solid facts, they don’t need real courts: They are the thought police, the prosecution, the verdict: guilty as charged with ‘hate speech’.

Red guard students inform on their professors

Our professors are sexist, anti-foreign xenophobes. They teach racism. They look at our tits. They make us sick with their presence. This is the message of just the latest hit piece in Die ZEIT, the flagship regime press. The piece is full of sexist accusations and hateful, racist comments to smear the reputation of ‘professor’ and ‘university’–these two important German institutions. Pretending to worry about racism and division and sexism, the regime press is fabricating that very racism, division, and sexism!

And it is also no coincidence, that the main focus is on Leipzig University, Berlin, and East Germany in general, as the paper is obsessed with the extermination of the largely white population there.

The crackdown and deadly witch hunt on white male German professors and intellectuals has only just begun.