Merkel Rounds Up the Germans: Shut Up About Refugee Crimes, or It’s Hate Speech!

Merkel’s threats to freedom of speech and the media collusion may bring about regime’s downfall

Colluded media: ARD, ZDF, Die Zeit, Spiegel, FAZ—in cahoots with Merkel regimeshame Germans as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’ 24/7

ARD, Germany’s regime TV, censored the topic at first. After US-global media pressure, it finally issues this stern warning against the German people: “We will not tolerate hate speech, says Vice chancellor Gabriel.

BERLIN (The East-West Writer)The Germans, or what self-respect is left of them, are slowly realizing what type of “liberal” monsters run their country: The Merkel regime and the colluded media mafia, ARD, ZDF, Die Zeit, Spiegel, FAZ, all at first refused to report the arrest of an Afghan refugee (17) accused of rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger (19), daughter of an EU official.

ONLY AFTER INTENSE international pressure mainly from America did the mass media break the silence, but in a manner most condescending to the German people: The media warns the Germans are being racist if they protest refugee crimes! Threats are issued that ‘hate speech’ will be severely punished!

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Der Spiegel, a nasty “liberal” propaganda racket, quotes the idiot major of Freiburg saying that a crime is not made worse by a refugee having committed it. Which apparently the entire global media, hundreds of millions of Europeans, the female victim, and the law itself (refugee is a legal status!) beg to differ, you spineless twat!

This arrogance of the corrupt “liberal” media knows no boundaries, and even got the American “liberal” media EXTREMELY ANGRY: Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, all reported the Afghan man’s arrest on Dec 3, and the fact hat German key media didn’t report it. STILL most German censors held tight until late night Dec 5, 8-11 p.m., in the hope that the “stupid” masses would be impressed the next morning by more important angles on how anti-refugee and xenophobic the Germans truly are.

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Sure, some papers broke the self-censorship and reported the “Afghan refugee,” such as Bild and Welt (same owner). And, after instant massive media coverage in the US, and massive media coverage in the UK, and pressure from tens of thousands of angry German citizens, websites, and bloggers, Sueddeutsche finally reported it too, albeit not without warning the Germans of “Hetze” against migrants!

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Die Zeit, a regime propaganda racket, turns the rape-murder story on its head: ‘Merkel warns against sweeping judgement about refugees‘.

Now the crooked media –ARD, ZDF, die Zeit, Spiegel, FAZ– peddle back and report the reporting about the reports of how Merkel said to everybody “nobody should generalize”: is a gigantic propaganda machine and demonstrates beyond doubt that those crooks will report regime-damaging news only at gun-point of their US-global master media, and EVEN THAN MAKE THAT STORY A STORY ABOUT LOOMING GERMAN RACISM!

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It is a totalitarian regime, a censorship regime, an anti-German regime. It cannot be trusted and it needs to be dissolved.

Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ), depended on the regime’s favor, echos Merkel’s threat against the German people: Do not blame the refugees! Hate speech is punishable!

Speak up!

You are not alone. The free world is looking at Germany and is banging its head in disbelief. Germans, your government is a crook! Hundreds of thousands, even millions of German journalists, academics, policemen, teachers, parents, upright citizens have had enough of it! The regime is tumbling, the lying media completely exposed, they will call you ‘racists’ and ‘right-wingers’ and ‘the hateful mob’ anything in the book of shame to shut you up, to crack down on you ANYWAY. So: to the lonely lofty mountains with these intolerant, totalitarian, anti-freedom, anti-German mass media! YOU ARE the people, YOU ARE the rule, YOU ARE the new media.

Do not use violence! You VOTE THE REGIME OUT! You don’t buy their papers! Expose the regime propaganda, their lies, tell everybody! Publicize it! Share it on social media. Make videos. Write!

by the East-West Writer