Merkel TV staged, questions prefabricated, audiences selected. A complete farce!

Regime TV and the Merkel Propaganda Show

When Dear Supreme Leader Angela Merkel appears on regime TV, the show is of course completely staged, the guests are instructed, the questions are prepared, the cheering audiences already arranged, and all interactions between them and the Leader are prefabricated.

Yet, the broadcaster and its moderators will assure us that all is very genuine and authentic. That said, a few times they blunder. Here’s a wonderful example of a regime broadcaster ZDF staged propaganda show failing spectacularly, recaptured by M Zeitung via Youtube:

“At the ZDF broadcast ‘Klartext Frau Merkel’, the moderator accidentally holds a list in the camera, which shows the arranged questioners. This is surprising, since it was suggested that the questioners in the broadcast are arbitrarily selected – with few exceptions. The subtitle of the broadcast ‘Klartext Frau Merkel’ was ‘Citizens ask the chancellor’. Right at the beginning of the show the viewers were assured by ZDF: “Again, 150 citizens are visiting us!”

Supreme Leader Merkel appears like she’s taking tacky questions from informed, random citizens. Yet all is a set-up, and the “spontaneous” questions and answers are really prefabricated. Image source: M Zeitung/Youtube

Alternately, people were asked questions and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) replied. A few questioners were given a small intro, which resounded to their request. However, most of them reported by hand. Like in a classroom situation at school, several people reported by hand at the same time, and the moderator chose one of them.

However, the moderator held out a list into the camera. Moderator Peter Frey had a card in his hand, on which the guests he was instructed to choose were depicted with their actual photographs and descriptions.

This card was briefly visible in the broadcast. For the audience, however, it was probably not comprehensible why all guests were asked to report by hand if they had a question, when really the moderator had a prefabricated list he followed through.”

Source: M Zeitung/Youtube, Published on Sep 16, 2017

Here’s a video from Merkel in real life where the she-despot is frequently booed: