How Merkelism is destroying Germany!

The renaissance of freedom and sovereignty of nations that has swept Great Britain and the United States was ruthlessly suppressed in Germany. Now Merkel has to suffocate the resistance.

The following is a free translation of a German blog post by public intellectual Vera Langsfeld entitled ‘Election fraud is inevitable’. The post deserves exposure in the English speaking world. This is the second part of it, dealing with witch hunt and political repression. The first part was about how Merkel’s Christian Democrats snatched away North-Rhine Westphalia from the Social Democrats, thereby guaranteeing Merkel’s re-election as supreme leader later this year.

The people choose Angela Merkel because they want stability in uncertain times, we read in the state media. This is grotesque. During her reign, the country has been destabilized like never before under a democratic government.

The Energy Lie

The once stable power supply has been replaced by a “renewable” fidgety current, which is generated either in sudden quantities which threaten to break the grid and then have to be channeled quickly into neighboring countries, against fees, of course. Or there will be no electricity generated during weather doldrums and rain, and coal-fired power plants will have to be driven up quickly, and with them: more CO2 emission, and of course electricity from France and Russia will have to be imported. The result is the highest electricity prices in Europe, which will continue to rise as the expansion of the “renewable energies” continues unabated, even as the grid are overloaded and the electricity autobahns still have to be built.

The Security Lie

As far as internal security of our nation is concerned, it has fallen to the level of the four years preceding the founding of the two German part-republics [1949]. Instead of law and order, we have criminal gangs and migrant clans controlling more and more no-gone zones in Germany who are not in the least afraid of the police or the judiciary. And if some brave police officers actually dare to arrest them, the criminals are immediately released again by the prosecutor’s office or the detention centers. Fare evasion [on the public transport system] is only punishable for old native German grannies, not for migrants. If a wedding company with an immigration background blocks an entire motorway, one has to tolerate it. And should anyone ever dare to chase about it, he will be accused of racism and punished for hate speech.

The Police State

Under Merkel, Germany has become a society of denunciators. Countless state-aided willing helpers scourge the social networks looking for divergent opinions. Meanwhile, “anti-state hate” is again persecuted. Merkel’s Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, presents new draft for ‘hate speech’ laws that are winked through by the cabinet even though they clearly run contrary to German Basic Law. His latest draft is not yet in force but has already triggered massive deletion campaigns by the [US] operators of social networks. These deletions take place outside the law. Objection is not possible. Even police raids, in a state of law always the last resort and possible only with a prosecutor’s permission, are executed swiftly when it comes to the terrible accusation of “hate-postings”. Just like in former East Germany, special deployment commandos will knock at your front door in the morning, at six in the morning, to search the house for a incriminating material.

And if the neighbors were not yet told by eager denunciators that they co-existed next to a Nazi, they know it now that the children cry. What Franz Kafka once described in his novels as “the terror of intangible powers” is now reality in Merkelland.

The Thought Police

Anyone who insists on his rights guaranteed by the Basic Law–freedom of speech– now lives dangerously. As a member of an EU-critical party one must count on being beaten on the street in open dayling, spat on to, or be thrown at with bottles or stones. The inviolability of private property is no longer guaranteed when the ‘AntiFa’ [Antifascists] is outside your door. Even visits to restaurants are no longer hazard-free. Politicians of the ‘Alternative for Germany’ (AfD) are increasingly denied assess to hotels and venues either because the owners are militant Merkelians, or because they are afraid of being called right-wing collaborators.

Hate and agitation against non-conformists are increasingly unrestrained by politicians and journalists. They have, as recently as the public shaming of the ‘Sons of Mannheim’ (a rock band) or the character assassination of AfD politician Rainer Podeswa, taken on the form of witch hunts. Debate has long since ceased to exist, unless of course one wanted to call the ordeal of public denunciation, public repentance and ostracism as such.

Political repression

‘Cleansing’ as it is known only from the literature on Stalinism has become the reality in Germany. The Bundeswehr is cleansed of disfavored photos (such as the old Chancellor Helmut Schmid in uniform), politically incorrect songs, and persons with incorrect views. Associations and organization, especially those who investigate human rights abuses during the former GDR regime, are now compromised. They are removing AfD members or alleged AfD sympathizers from their jobs and ranks , with or without a prior notice by the thought police that it is all done in the name of diversity and tolerance.

The current state can only be called stable as far as we agree on the Orwellian conception of the word. Whoever chooses such a stability I’m afraid chooses the slow destruction of our country.

by Vera Lengsfeld