Merkel’s First Trip To Trump Got Kecked

Press has nothing to show, fills in Putin

Chaos grounds plane with the genocide regime on board

That was epic weather trolling: The Merkel regime and her press soldiers already boarded the machine on Tuesday, when the White House called in and cancelled the trip, sorry. So bad weather. Ice and storm. Here the map. They had to abort the trip and now sit and simmer.

For weeks, the propaganda media bragged endlessly about how Merkel would teach America’s president a lesson in Western civilization. They called Trump a racist, women-hating dictator. Now they can think longer about what they’ve done.

The Merkel regime, the 21st Century’s first genocide regime, planned the replacement of the indigenous white German population with Africans and Orientals. It opened the borders to millions of invaders. To cover up the migrant crimes, the regime called for censorship and repression of the native Germans.

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Meanwhile, Merkel is globally condemned for her crimes. German girls and women are getting molested, raped and murdered. She says Germans must live with terror.

The British wanted nothing to do with her totalitarian streak, though, and voted out of the German-led European Union. Turkey, a former ally, called Merkel out on her Nazi methods. France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands,… all ruined by Merkel’s disastrous policies. The US president said it frankly: “Germany is being destroyed by what Merkel has done there.

Trump will find good words for the German people, as always. Great cars! But he is also going to humiliate Merkel, and she won’t be able to blame it on the weather.