Merkel’s Final Crackdown on Freedom of Speech will be the End of her Anti-German Regime

Germany Continues Fatal Censorship Course, NOT impressed by US Media Intervention

WASHINGTON (The East-West Writer)—Did the US establishment just back-stab their favorite German dictator Angela Merkel? It looks like it:

The Associate Press (AP) earlier last week exposed Germany’s state censorship for all the world to see. The powerful US news-agency, with ties to the CIA, reported, very short and concise, the rape and murder of a German student by an Afghan refugee.

Since the Merkel regime is financing the refugees, it tries to cover up all refugee crimes. Within hours, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Telegraph (UK), Daily Mail and other Anglophone papers circulated the AP story. Now, even the German regime TV—known as ARD—had to confess it is routinely involved in refugee cover-ups.

Hopelessly Colluded Mass Media Call for War on the People

It is a slap in the lying face of our “beloved” US puppet Angela Merkel: Immediately, the ruthless politician issued a stern warning to the German people to shut up about rampant migrant crimes because it constitutes ‘hate speech’.

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That’s not all. Merkel addressed the crusade against ‘Fake News’ in her latest speech at the Bundestag, calling for more crackdown on ‘uncontrolled’ news sources, meaning the last place where free speech can hide: the Internet. For an entire week, the regime media issued threats to journalists that they must follow ‘press code’, adhere to “government regulations,” and be always sensitive to the country’s hate speech laws. They must also tattle-tale on their colleagues and friends.

Greatest Crackdown on Freedom of Speech since WW2

Supreme leader Merkel’s contempt for the German flag and freedom of speech has become legendary and triggered hundreds of thousands of angry comments. She responded internally with police state, mass censorship, cleansing on social media networks (German Twitter, Google, Youtube, Facebook all delete in Merkel’s name), prosecutions, and calling everyone a right-wing extremist.

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Instead of monitoring migrant criminals and their activities, German authorities are now monitoring the Germans who read reports about migrant crimes on suspicion of racism.

If you walk through German inner cities, no police, shopkeeper, or passer-by —no one dares to look not even in the direction of the millions of migrants, for fear of being labeled racist. And if townfulls of Germans want to vote the people’s party still dedicated to Germans—currently that’s the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) —they are denounced in the state media (!) as Nazi-sympathizers by no other than Merkel’s Minister of Justice and the state police.

Supreme leader Merkel can easily silence ten, twenty million Germans—no problem—and delete, ban, or blacklist alternative media, their leaders and representatives. What she cannot do is censoring the Anglophone press. If she tries that, that’ll be the end of her.

by the East-West Writer

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