Michael Vogt – Germany’s Leading Political Dissenter

Michael Vogt is a German professor, patriot, and Germany’s leading activist for a free, sovereign German nation state. He believes that Germany, even after reunification in 1990 and the ‘4 + 2 agreement’ is still a US outpost. Evidences: 38 military bases in Southern Germany; US nuclear warheads in Büchel Air Base; mass surveillance of the German people through CIA/NSA; US-controlled German key media, and so on.

In his manifesto ‘Weg in die Freiheit’ [Path to Freedom], Vogt urges the Germans to establish a democracy (the people’s rule) and abolish the current multi-party system. He also wants Germany to quit NATO and the EU. Why, the former wants war with Russia; the latter is a dictatorship. Vogt, who earned his doctoral degree in Eastern Germany with a dissertation on Marx and Engels, HATES the pro-USA media lobby, and accuses Merkel and her US masters of using mass immigration as a means to de-Germanize the country. It goes without saying that Merkel and her US masters back-HATE this serious disrupter. Which is right by him, I guess. He wants to be read in a thousand years…


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