More Crackdown on German Political Youtubers

Hard Times for Youtubers with an Incorrect Political View

Merkel Germany has put on its socialist blinders and gone to the extremes cracking down on Youtube’s political commentators. Their collective crime: speaking up against the regime’s lying press and state censorship. Feeling the pressure from blacklisting and demonetization, from delisting and deletion, the community exists in repression: anxious and endangered.

For Freedom of Speech and Citizen Media

Here are four German political Youtube channels with thousands of followers that have experienced so much thought police, political harassment, and regime censorship, they should film a documentary about it:

Volxtribun (Curd Schumacher): Patriot and Voice Artist, good humor, satire, 12,773 subscribers, channel banned. Still surfaces sometimes here and there.

Zerberster: Blue-eyed, blond-haired author and political commentator, melancholic, dark, 21,254 subscribers, banned, deleted several times, and up again. Alias channel: Jakob Straub, 7,802 subscribers, here.

Dritte Blinkwinkel: Media analyst and critic of state censorship, 4,898 subscribers, banned in Germany.

Die Vulgäre Analyse: The enemy of state, banned, deleted several times, has so many ‘subchannels’ and ‘backup channels’–the regime seems to have given up on him, 56,193 subscribers.

From top left to bottom right: Volxtribun, Zerberster, Dritte BlickwinkelVulgäre Analyse.


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