No one spams it like the New York Times [Global NY Times Spam BOMB]

NEW YORK [The East-West Writer] –The New York Times continuous to drown email servers and social network channels in Spam, Spam, NY Times Spam. Not subscribing, eh? The New York Times is going to carpet-spam-bomb you for the rest of your internet existence!

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Cheap, cheap, cheaper offers; best offer, exclusive offer, last day offer, and for that for weeks, months, three years (since I watch this attack)! You may recall those lame 00′ ethics debates about unsolicited spam, spam bots, mass mailings, email harvesting, sales and emails spam? Back last century, spam was considered so bad, so so scoundrel and bad. In reality, of course, everyone did spam, ESPECIALLY THE BIG CORPORATIONS. Fake media worst hypocrite: The New York Times is right there on spamountain at spamtop.

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No other propaganda racket in history spams it like the New York Times. The fake media changes spam text, spam headers, spam images according to your geographical location, time of the day, and breaking news. I may be paranoid, but they probably also know how you’re feeling today. You know that the old saying is true: If a spam is repeated often enough…

Unhinged Spamperialism

Here’s “Support the Real News” (as opposed to “fake news” which the New York Times is known for):

Horrifying to imagine that 1,00+ corporate press soldiers looking for ways to indoctrinate you, fake polls that confirm their liberal bias, destabilize foreign countries and keep the populations anxious and fearful (because that will generate sells):

Aside from New York Times spam attacks on Twitter and Facebook, the New York Times will also spam your email box about twice a week, EVERY WEEK:

Fake news, fake media, fake journalism: Spam, spam, New York Times spam: Always Winter sales, spring sales, autumn sales: 60% OFF, TODAY ONLY! [and every day!], DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE 60% OFF! [and if you miss it, we’ll give you another chance, and another chance, and another…]:

FAKE SALES, FAKE NEWS, TOTAL FABRICATION: New York Times Sale spam: “Sale ends today: Your last chance to save 60%,” You’re in: Starting today, save 60%,” “This weekend, we’re inviting you to save 60%,” “Last chance: Take advantage of 60% off,” goes on and on and on…

Most business classes in the world probably teach you that spam mailing and spam sales and email spamming are evil, disgusting, dishonest, and above all… profitable!!! That’s because spam operational costs are low and email harvesting is dirt cheap. Those business classes should also teach you that the NY Times is one of the worst offenders:

The New York Times is full of spam!