New York Times has a whopping 18.3 million FAKE Twitter Followers

Fake News, Fake Subscribers, Fake Followers: The Non-Existing ‘Reputation’ of The New York Times

The New York Times, queen of fake news, spam mails, and subscriber scam, also has a mind-blowing 18.3 million FAKE Twitter followers, according to Twitter Audit:

Queen of Fake: A little bit less than half of the “fake news media” The New York Times’s Twitter Followers are fake as well. [Last day of access: Nov 20, 2017]
Interestingly, RT_com, the Russian media that is known for its investigative journalism, was banned this year in America for allegedly spreading fake news, has 90% real Twitter followers.

The New York Times colludes with Twitter to fake its popularity

It is almost certain that Twitter colludes with the New York Times [and other US and EU news corporations] to fake the legacy media’s popularity. The ‘How exactly’, however, remains an existential-guarded secret. For example, Twitter evidently helps the New York Times to spread millions of spam posts–so called spam bombing or spam bots–to swamp the social media platform. It’s a very evil technique. Paid-for, packaged evil.

Twitter colludes with the New York Times: ‘Who-to-follow’ subscriber spam is disseminated to millions, perhaps tens of millions of Twitter users, and perhaps every day. At least 18.3 million @nytimes followers are fake.