Lessons from the biggest sales scam of all time: The New York Times!

The New York Times spams the web with 60% OFF ‘Special Offers’ that renew themselves over and over again. It is a complete fraud. Sales fraud. And when the 60% OFF special offer ends, it drops back to 50% OFF for a while, only to send out another 60% OFF tip again. It never goes up to full price! :-O

In fact, there probably IS NO full price and if there was one, whoever pays it is a fool!

Scam: “Today is your day…” for “60% off.” Well, if this day ends, tomorrow is another day. The offers keeps renewing. (June 2017)

It gets better!

New York Times is sales scam and subscriber fraud

What are you actually paying for, if you paid “just 60% OFF” for this sales scam? The NY Times is a free online source and website! Are there some ‘hidden’ news that only paid subscribers can see? What sort of media is that?

Another month, another 60% off offer. It renews over and over again. (May 2017)

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Spam never ends…

So, I am collecting NY Times sales spam offers from Twitter, Facebook, and Emails. Those spam mails are probably distributed by the millions via a NY Times spam bot. It is striking that nobody, no sales watchdog anyway, dares to look into this.

New York Times is the biggest sales scam in media history

It’s probably because this is the New York Times. Everybody is scared of the ‘Fake News Media’ and now ‘Spam News Media’, because the New York Times still wields a lot of power and influence. It is like the mafia. The media mafia. You don’t call out the mafia a crook. The mafia will get back at you!

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OMG. Too much New York Times spam! Watch this: May and April 2017 New York Times Spam mails (below), RIDICULOUS:

“60% OFF” and “Today only”??? That’s a lie! The New York Times is a sales scam! Top sales scam of all time. The New York Times is the queen of all subscriber frauds. Total fraud!

Good bye!

And until next time.

With a blogload full of new NYTimes sales spam!