BREAKING: New York Times caught in massive fraudulent sales scam

NEW YORK–How much does a New York Times subscription really cost? Who cares, if you get a 50-60% off sales offer on Twitter, Facebook, or straight into your email box! “Offer ends today!” You are thrilled. You will be saving A LOT OF money! … But then you didn’t take that offer, because you heard the New York Times is fake news. And what can I tell you, after you passed on that sale, the sale magically renews! And again, and again, and again.

“Save 60% on The New York Times“. From what? There is no original price.

So, I have been collecting NY Times ‘Half-Price’ offers and ‘60% off’ offers for two years now: ads, posts, mails, and spam. Thousands. In all colors. Look, say, here[1], here[2], here[3], and here[4]. They are using bots and aggressive spam software.

The New York Times subscription ‘60% off’ sale is a scam, plain and simple. Look at this monster:

And that was just my Yahoo inbox. The ‘last day’ special ‘60% off’ just for you will renew soon after it ended. It goes on, and on, and on.

Will the New York Times subscription at ‘Half-Price’ or even ‘60% off’ really save you money? The answer is No. It has been on 50-60% offer for… forever.

Fake News Media = deceptive, fake original price. New York Scam Times.

The New York Scam Times tries to con buyers into “this is for you unrivaled offer” or “we are counting you in save 60%” with ‘subscription deals’ where there has not been a full price.

Half-Price Sale is a scam!

The original price that is never mentioned seems high if you get a 60% off offer, no? You feel scammed? You should feel scammed! You have been deliberately mislead by the New York Times sales team!

If it looks like a scam, it probably is scam.

If it looks like spam mail, it probably is spam mail.

If it looks like subscriber scam, it probably is subscriber scam.

If it looks like the New York Times, it probably is…

…The New York Scam Times!

Listen, this should be in the World News, ok. It isn’t. It is on a shitty website like this. Because it’s about media corruption, so the media won’t stage it. Too bad. I do. Bye.