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FAKE NEWS MEDIA ‘New York Times’, is aggressively spamming social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Can’t escape this NY Times forever-offer: 60 % OFF 80 % crap!

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The recipients of FAKE NEWS MEDIA SPAM have to cope with this unbelievable harassment against their painful ‘experiencing’ the greatest CRACKDOWN ON THE INTERNET since Adolf Hitler [~a CNN and the New York Times‘s favorite meme!].


There is NO PRECEDENT to the war on alternative media: Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook block accounts, delist blogs and websites (such as the East-West Dichotomy), demonetize critical content, erase key words and comments, and push millions of ‘people media’ out business. Meanwhile, the lying and corrupt New York Times of course may post whatever it wants.

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Readers are bitterly commenting on unsolicited New York Times posts. Below’s just one of thousands of comment threads:

The New York Times

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Comments (abridged)

Fiona Moller-Spratt Why would I want to read a newspaper that is so bias!!! Why don’t they just call it a newspaper for the Democratic Party!!!! So bias, so bias!!!! 😈😈

Marie Lewis The word is correctly spelled as “biased”. But why am I not surprised of the lack of education in a Republican…..?

Ann Turner Walter Why am I not surprised at such a biased ” defeated” comment from a Dem….?

Tim Hardcastle Well, you might want to glance at a fact now and then, even though the facts have a liberal bias.

Jay Morgan Newspapers have always been biased over the years. We shouldn’t be surprised by this at all. What is more surprising is how much Donald Trump has sought to sow seeds of mistrust in ANY media that says ANYTHING that doesn’t agree with his last tweet.

Jutta Hamberger Dont’ call a paper “bias” only because it doesn’t share your views. Call it “not my cup of tea” a d find yourself a paper you like.

That’s why we have many, expressing different views. Just in case you don’t know the difference between a free press and, let’s say, the press in Russia…😂😃

Howard Boss New York Times. One of many media outlets present at and not reporting on the Rockefeller/Rothschild group meetings that have been planning the takeover of the world by the multinationals over the past 40+ years………. and you still think its a democrat paper?

Johannes Schidlowski Waiting for -1000%. You paying me. Journalism is about telling the truth and excusing failure to do so. You are arrogantly persisting on wrong decisions made during the elections, and now you pay the consequences.


Clo Bigot wow, you waste so much time and energy hating this newspaper… Why not doing something about your life? (PS: a discount of -1000% would not make them pay you)

Johannes Schidlowski They waste my view on Facebook.

Howard Boss New York Times. One of many media outlets present at and not reporting on the Rockefeller/Rothschild group meetings that have been planning the takeover of the world by the multinationals over the past 40+ years.

Francis Van den Noortgaete Just ignore the horde of trolls that seem to be swarming around, they do so for a cause. NYT is quality journalism (100+ Pulitzer prizes!) plain and simple, and for a bargain. Support it, now that it just might matter most.

Diane Wilson Hey are you in their employ this is the second or third time you’ve been giving them a plug📝

Michelle McCord I wouldn’t read it for free.

Kent Rhoads Uncompromisingly fake and biased. Your rag is not even remotely related to the word journalism.

Rei Kagetsuki Why would you want me to pay for something I can hear lambasted for free? 60% off lies is still paying for lies.

Hector Ruiz Can you convince the guys over the Washington post? This is a great deal

Richard van den Boogaard Too bad they need access to your friend list on FB in order to set up an account… why is that necessary?

Roger Levetan Next they will pay us to take a subscription.No thanks.

Sindre Aarhuus Amundsen You’re dying slowly dying NYT. Please go die with dignity, not like this.

Rohit Patel ‘”Uncompromising journalism”? That’s a cheek coming from congenital liars!

Pötkö Latvala How can your journalism be uncompromising if the newspaper itself is already badly compromised?

Brad Thomas Uncompromising journalism 😂😂.

NYT shares also offering the same great savings folks.

Leah Hobbs Might need to let another eight floors of the World Government propaganda machine go to pay the bills NYT’s!!?

Ann Walker Will you still love it, Adam, when the cheap year is up?!

Christopher Swaffer Hahaha…who wants to pay for liberal propaganda

Tony Karas That’ll be the “failing” NY Times?

Alison Blazeby Lol – Uncompromising #fakenews and propaganda, more like!!

Paul Adao E Silva Uncompromising journalism? The NYT is this a joke?

Gaye Chillingworth-Foster Wouldn’t read even if you paid me,trash media.

Nadine Beavers you get what you pay for. lol

Henriette Rozema Dearest Angela, since I do know that you’re a very well educated woman, I really would like to know why you’re posting this over and over as an add – are you conducting any kind of survey like: How many people would buy the NYT nowadays???

Nikola Filipov 60% off? You are becoming increasingly desperate. #FakeNews

Christoph Kuhlmann Your post is worthy of the 5 Rubles Vlad just deposited into your account.

Susie Appleby You’ve been Trumped. Think for yourself – what a lot of blind hypnotised people you are

Merle Shewchuk was 50% now 60%…..hmmmmm..things on the down low?

Julien Mary You should pay the people to read your BS …

Bonson Jim 60% off the truth

Edelberto Dapitan Unfollow this trash media..

David-Gene Bennett Never ending offer!!!

Terri Bailey Ends soon? 😱

Tobin Hecker Curtis thats what I was talking about.

 Clare Smith Happy Birthday 🎂

 Bent Gunnar Mastad I saved 100 %

Anders Hagman Why would I pay for lies?

Claude Dette I’ll wait till they pay me!

Ross Moffat They tried to lynch Pewdiepie!!! Screw the NYT!!!

Steve Armborst amen..

Giovanni Spaldi Stay away

Mo Lasmer too cheap 60% ? it is a real fact ? :-)

Mihail Calinescu #fakenews 😂😂

And the email boxes, too!