New York Times & Youtube caught AGAIN in ethical wrongdoing. Disgusting!

News manipulation and master narrative were yesterday…

Why is nobody arresting corrupt journalists? So many of them are press soldiers, regime propagandists, agents of state–yet they have given themselves completely immunity–a Cult of Liars, Crooks, Manipulators. A New York Times ‘Audience Strategy Editor’, Nicholas Dudich, was caught on tape bragging about how his paper manipulates what people think and how the paper influences politics. The paper would, for example, target president Donald Trump’s firms, which he loves above all politics. Then, he would probably try and defend his firms, which–hopefully–would make him say or do something stupid or semi-illegal, upon the Times would strike with a killer combo front page assault to ruin his reputation. Dudich also bragged about how he and the paper did campaign for Hillary Clinton. The exposure comes from Project Veritas, but the breaking story is largely suppressed all over the world of course by the corrupt and colluded mainstream press, many of them colluding as criminal syndicate and the Church of press.

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…today it is brutal information warfare and bullshitting the people

Meanwhile, the NYT swamp creatures are putting pressure on social media platforms (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube…) to influence their ‘trending’ sections and give the old mainstream press preference over alternative media and people’s choices. As Project Veritas communication director Stephen Gordon explains, what the New York Times and other do is news gatekeeping: stopping story lines that they don’t want to appear trending on Youtube. Indeed, in another Project Veritas investigative journalism, a Youtube employee was recorded confessing Youtube manually takes down actual trending videos in an effort to give preference to the failing establishment media. In short: What you read and see is not reality, but the result of political manipulation and collusion. Yikes!

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