Newsweek, what’s that propaganda crap on your site?!

“Japanese Want Nuclear War,” “White-OK is Neo-Nazi Propaganda,” “Trump Not Last Full Term”Newsweek is fabricating crap news–AGAIN!

Newsweek, the US yellow press, is a hate media that’s creating the most outrageous headlines and conspiracy theories in order to gain attention and to spread anxiety, fear, and warmongering. It also cooperates, sadly I must say, with Yahoo! News, so that Newsweek articles are prominently featured on the landing page.

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Journalism, lobotomized

What’s impressive about Newsweek is the outright lies and bogus claims, and the incitement to hate and violence, and even nuclear war. Look at these three Newsweek ‘fake news’ stories just from today, Nov 20, 2017. Behold the mind-blowing Lies and Make-Belief, highlighted in text and image below:

  1. “Japan Wants War With North Korea…. Not Dialogue.” Really? Says some poll fabricated by Newsweek. Do you really believe that the Japanese prefer nuclear war over dialogue? This Newsweek piece is dangerous warmongering, putting words into the mouth of the 127 million Japanese people. Disgusting!
  2. A Fox News clip entitled “It’s OK to be White” is allegedly by Newsweek to “spread Neo-Nazi Propaganda.” What?!! By that same logic, merely being white does amount to Neo-Nazi propaganda. No, wait: You, Newsweek, are the one that’s spreading “Neo-Nazi Propaganda” is this piss contest! Got ya!
  3. Donald Trump prophecy: “He might not last a full term…”. Or he might. What is “the news” here? Where are the facts, the investigative journalism? Newsweek, you are full of crap. Just constant click-bait. Sick!
With a News outlet like this, you don’t need a mental illness any more.