Outgoing US president declares Germany leader of the world

BERLIN (the East-West Writer)—Mr. Obama once famously belittled a tweet by @realDonaldTrump that said that he [Obama] would go down as THE worst president of the United States: “At least I will go down as A president,” Mr. Obama joked. Last Wednesday, Donald Trump became president.

Now it is for Mr. Obama to go down: Humiliated, he decided to visit his favorite colony, Germany, and bade farewell to an “old friend.” He patted local tyrant Angela Merkel for being —wait for it— the “Last Defender of Liberalism” and “Leader of the Free World.” [The global presstitutes are all over it: Here, and over herehere, here, here, and here…∞]

Mr. Obama in Berlin, 2016; Image source: News.cn

So let’s get a grip on it: the US democrats lost an election, and now the United States are no longer free and democratic!? And Mr. Obama is gas-lighting in totalitarian EUROPE (!) for a global solution? Nobody in power in Brussels is democratically elected, Mr. Obama.

Ms. Merkel is already in her third term as iron chancellor. Same length as Vladimir Putin, by the way, who is of course an evil dictator. Merkel serves US interests, Putin doesn’t.

The German media now readies for Merkel’s fourth term (!) as head of state, following Obama’s recommendation. In contrast to the USA, elections in Germany are very calm. That’s because they are a complete farce. Every German knows this: Washington and Berlin select the winner, the mass media promote the winner, the winner gets elected.

“For Ms. Merkel, the Trump victory was also a personal blow, because she has had a mutually admiring friendship with Hillary Clinton and because it will damage the legacy of Mr. Obama.” —The New York Times

Obama loves Germany because Germany is a US client state. When he visited Germany in June 2013, the Merkel regime organized 100,000 Jubeldeutsche (cheering crowds). Inner Berlin was sealed off like a fortress. Emperor Obama spoke behind walls of panzerglass.

Mr. Obama in Berlin, 2013; Image source: EPA
Mr. Obama in Berlin, 2013; Image source: Getty

The typical German buys an iPhone (Apple), surfs the US-owned internet (Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram… all US companies), and watches HBODisney Channel, or Hollywood movies. The NSA spies on German citizens, companies, and politicians. US media dictate the German news. The US runs military bases, including nuclear and drone facilities, on German soil.

America’s first black president (he is a Mulatto) wishes Merkel to proceed firmly with the globalist agenda and the replacement of the white German population with immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, the mass censorship of critics, and the crack-down on anti-globalist movements.

Remember the stories about how the EU created the “failing state of Greece“? Erase that impression. This week Mr. Obama also visited Athens and praised the system: “Democracy is not perfect.” Think about that: If your sovereignty is gone and the people are completely enslaved… THAT’S democracy!

Mr. Obama in Berlin, 2008; Image source: AP

Britain has already left the EU dictatorship, via public referendum. The German people, need we say this, are not allowed to vote on EU matters. Worse, the non-elected EU autocrats and the colluded mass media are discussing in Brussels and Berlin ways to prevent or circumvent public referendum in the future. Democracy is poison to them.

Mr. Obama hurt himself so hard in this election. Yet acting like a prima donna and —out of spite for democratically elected Donald Trump— nominating Merkel’s failing Germany as the last hope for humanity is tasteless and ignorant.

by the East-West Writer

Image source: Die Zeit, Nov 18, 2016

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