Oh, I just got email from Nicholas Kristof from the NYT… but NO THANKS!!!

The Legacy Media is naked

Haha, after years of spam bombing, subscriber scam, and unwanted soliciting, the New York Times sold its last shirt and dropped its underpants: Nicholas Kristof just send me a very emotional email telling me about his brave and exceptional journalism and how he depends on my support–subscribe here… Fat chance!

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The New York Times takes credit for exposing so much corruption, war, and oppression. Haha, what a bunch of clowns. Here’s your opposition from Germany, saying the opposite: You are profiting off of corruption, war, and oppression. Your lying racket could also take credit for the blue mountains and the sky, and I still would not buy into the–proven and proven again–most corrupt, arrogant, and liberal biased ‘fake news media’ on this planet. And now with this Nicholas Kristof begging for alms, it’s becoming a Church:

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The Church of the New York Slimes: You have to Beliiiiieve!

As to Nicholas Kristof, –Saint Nikolaus Christophorus– yeah, great job you have there. No, I don’t want to be your “partner.” And no, you will have to leave “my family and friends” out of this, you rat-catcher and narcissistic journo scrum!

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Remember when Hillary Clinton had a 85% chance to win the presidential election, according to the New York Times election manipulation? Hahaha!