Pat Condell has some words for the British Hate Speech Police, and it’s a riot!

What’s going on in Hate Speech Police Britain? Pat Condell has some answers, and–as always–he is bold, brilliant, and hilarious!

One has to talk to the wall and ask whether those cruel henchmen of the British police state–the policemen and prosecutors and internet curators–really feel no shame and have no conscience: hunting down their fellow citizens for hateful comments or offensive remarks?!

“UK police have been politicised by Common Purpose cultural Marxism, and are no longer neutral.”–Pat Condell

I guess it is human nature: Give your ‘red guards’ the permission to crack down on their neighbors–citizens inform on citizens–, and they will happily do so and even feel honor in that.

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Pat Condell is from a Great Britain before our time; fearless is he, and he has probably not much too lose in uploading such videos. But for the millions of British who are scared and intimidated by the foreign invaders and the native hate police already, they are in for a brutal, dehumanizing, and very ugly anti-British, anti-white Marxist experiment.