White Genocide: Paul Gottfried lecture — MUST WATCH!

Genocide is genocide, even if it’s white genocide

The Globalists and their colluded mass media, many controlled by Zionists, are pushing a deadly narrative of universal ‘Nazi guilt’ shared by all white men. That ‘Nazi guilt’ extends now to all whites even born today –even the grand grandsons of the English and the Americans who fought against the real Nazis in WW2. Worse, even 70 years after WW2, the Jews still continue their eternal ‘victim narrative’ and by that they criminalize all whiteness–guilty by their racial affiliation and cultural features. Therefore, they must feel ashamed of being white and belonging to white Christian civilization. This ‘Nazi guilt’ has turned into a quasi religious cult whose tenets are taught in most schools and universities in the West today. Sad, but true.

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White people are now expected to atone for the sins of the past. They must allow themselves to be “conquered” by the black and brown races, replaced, admixed, and thus obliterated from the face of the earth–together with their white histories, their white idols, their white monuments and houses of worship, their phenotypical Caucasian traits. You can observe this yourself by having a walk through London (UK) or Stockholm (Sweden) or Dortmund (Germany)–Western cities that have changed irreversibly, and one-sidedly, due to to mass migration from Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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And although ‘genocide’ is strongly condemned in all Western societies, it is OK if it happens to whites. In fact, it is strongly recommended. In fact, white genocide cannot go fast enough as far as our leftist, cultural Marxist regimes in Europe, Australia, and America are concerned. “Diversity,” “Multiculturalism,” and “Affirmative Action” are all euphemisms for white genocide.

Evidently, this is a painful subject, but one that needs to be addressed and talked about:


For more information on white genocide and its planners, an informative essay by Eric Thomson entitled: ‘GENOCIDE THROUGH RACE-MIXING: THE MOTIVES FOR MASS-MURDER‘. Here’s an excerpt:

“While there is a vast body of literature on the Jewish/Zionist captains of chaos, there seems to be little in the way of studies involving the actual perpetrators of genocide by race-mixing, who are themselves the victims of this degenerative propaganda which has become the basis of government legislation throughout the western world. Let us look at the motives for race-mixing on the part of the following subjects so that we may better understand the nature of this action which is not only a crime, the crime of genocide, but a psychological and social sickness.” —Eric Thomson


Documentary on ‘White Genocide – The Endgame’: