Pewdiepie doesn’t negotiate with WSJ but falls short of calling them terrorists

Of course it is terrorism!

The most brutal slander and political arson that our holocaust!-media can come up with is normally reserved only for the leaders of sovereign nations: their names destroyed, their legacy ruined, their countries triggered, their partners intimidated, their followers set up for division, hate, and hopefully, violence [so that the press soldiers can go in and report it].

Yes, if the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) scripted a similar campaign against Sweden, the Swedish would be right to call it an act of international terrorism, according to the standard definition for terrorism.

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Pewdiepie, a Swedish national, has six times more followers on Youtube than Sweden has population: 53 million. The comic became the victim of a pitiless WSJ hitpiece: The perpetrators cherry-picked images and jokes from the entertainer and depicted him as a Nazi and anti-Semite. It is untrue, but WSJ planned on incriminating the millions of Pewdiepie’s fans and see what happens.

The journo-terrorists first blackmailed Pewdiepie’s business partners, Disney and Youtube’s Maker Studio, and threatened to blow them up too, if they wouldn’t freeze out the Swede. The spineless companies, intimidated, bowed to the terrorists’ demands. The three attackers later bragged on social media about how they took down their targets.

Pewdiepie has a global platform, Youtube, to verbally defend himself. Most countries in the world don’t have his reach. If a country is rounded up by Western killer media like this, it often destabilizes and its population suffers terribly. As a rule, if the unelected, corrupt ‘legacy media’ – from WSJ, CNN, NY Times, Economist, Washington Post, BBC, etc. – conspire to such extreme enemy propaganda — FAKE NEWS –, they usually aim for maximal disruption, racism, crisis, social unrest, and endless provocations.

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Journalism is full of militant terminologies. Journalists talk of information warfare, breaking news, and character-assassinations. Let us talk about their terrorism:

While historians such as Noam Chomsky 30 years ago linked a lot of military interventions abroad to systematic “state terrorism,” society seems to be in complete denial still about the organized terrorism of our legacy media.

The WSJ is part of a global terror cartel, the globalists, who act in concert [to project power] to harm large populations and profit from spreading terror and fear, disinformation and lies, causing division and hatred, injustice and misery.

Defend yourself!

P.S. Here’s a good reading about journalism and the age of tabloids. Good times. No more. Now journalism is terrorism.