Piss Paper Guardian begs for your Credit Card Number!

Guardian wants your Credit Card Number and Personal Information Against a Fee.

The Guardian is BEGGING for your $$$ to support their leftist crap journalism! 😂

The legacy media in the UK is flushing faster down the pipe than North Korean poop. Their yellow journalism: a rotten, putrescent brown. Their legitimacy: expired. Their trustworthiness [since BREXIT and TRUMP America]: down the toilet. Their master narrative: a sickening fart. From the BBC over the Economist to the Guardian: Their leftist, cultural Marxism is Orwellian, insane, and utterly dehumanizing. Total crap 💩!

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Lunatic-leftist Indoctrination, Fake News, Lies, Enemy Propaganda… The Guardian is the new rubbish press 🤧

It’s NOT journalism: Regime propaganda, agitprop, Russian threat, staged interviews… [Source: Media Lens: Guardian, Flagship of Fearmongering]
Not selling enough of their propaganda crap, the UK legacy media have discovered themselves the Internet. Especially younger citizens do not read the propaganda press; instead they get their news and information from so-called ‘alternative media’ in the world wide web. In other words, the corrupt media are losing control, so they must ‘divide and conquer’ the digital world. Easier said that done. A Guardian website was set up. But guess what: the people won’t pay a penny for the piss paper Guardian online content. Free shit, OK. Paying for shit? NOT OK! What to do, what to do.

How could they sink so low?

Well, if you’re not worth the paper printed on, there is only two ways left: stealing and begging. The BBC steals money from the tax payers via compulsory broadcast tax. The Guardian, however, does not have this privilege. Therefore, it needs to go begging.

The Guardian is BEGGING for your Personal Information and your Credit Card Number: Just $6.99 a month for crap, piss, and poop… yellow press. No, thanks!

Dirty, disgusting media cartel wants your Personal Information and Credit Card Number, haha! 😂

That’s right: The Guardian is asking you–on BIG ONLINE BANNERS–to hand over your credit card number and help its journo-divas and narcissistic hacks to disseminate more feminist crap, click-bait racism and sexism, Russia conspiracy poop, character assassination pieces on Trump and his supporters, and more BREXIT lies.

Legacy journalism is leftist cancer, sorry. Irredeemably degenerated, exposed, discredited. The Guardian is worth not a penny in this world. It’s printed misery. Just like watching TV, reading the Guardian makes you dumber. And that people still buy your crap paper at newspaper stands in the UK is because your regime bans and criminalizes alternative media.

NEVER, EVER give your Personal Information + Credit Card Number to the Corrupt-Colluded Media Mafia!!!

The legacy media are the enemy of the people! Unelected, lawless, corrupt gatekeepers of news. They fabricate polls, collude with regimes, they tell you what to think and whom to vote for, and which country to go to war with. The legacy media act in concert to project power and now extort US social media: They demand their lies and propaganda to be privileged and monopolize the Internet.

Disgusting The Guardian Propaganda: Clinton is set to win the US election! 😂