Political Repression in Germany

Germany pushes her views to the extreme, and it is not the right one

BERLIN – Crackdown, censorship, citizens dragged out of their homes by special deployment commandos. Nobody who questions the system is safe. Thought police, media collusion, intimidation. How long can this go well, and what does it mean for the European Union?

Video ABOVE: German Kulturstudio speaks  Klartext (“truth-telling”), introductory text, translated from the German, follows below:

“More and more people hear in the media about large-scale operations against the so-called “Reich Citizens.” Reich Citizens are described as violent and dangerous, and that they do not recognize the Federal Republic and her laws.

Hardly anyone noticed that week after week the enemy changes. First the enemy was the “conspiracy theorists,” then the “Vigils for Peace” (pro-Russian), then the “right-wing populists,” and now the “Reich Citizens.” The hunt has begun, and the enemy is everyone who criticizes this system and its social conditions.

It all looks too familiar: In the Nazi era and in former East Germany, system-critical minds were criminalized, spied on, and socially stigmatized. What used to be the exit application (visiting West Berlin) in order to get into the sights of the ‘Stasi’ (secret state police) today is the refusal to pay service or the application for a ‘nationality ID’. A “right-wing ideology” is ascribed to impertinent citizens who are then tremendously and disproportional repressed.

Refusing 500 euros contribution service, and they will sent in the ‘SEK’ (a Special Deployment Commando), on legally questionable orders. Questions by the concerned ones will not be answered. Violations of fundamental rights are the order of the day, and the laws are being bent.

We speak today to those concerned and show that the methods of repression differ little from those methods that were applied during our darkest times under the East German regime. ”

Image, left: Death to the U.S. President, on display in Cologne. Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty