Professor: Denying IQ difference among groups is truly insane!

NFL players protest against 'racial injustices'.

American society muzzled by biological Marxism

Professor Byron Roth talks about IQ differences, the inflated education system, and the education lobby that preaches race mixing and cultural Marxism and has swamped our colleges and universities with millions of merely mediocre students. Really sad.

“…the enormous power of the education lobby that enables it to garble up more and more government funding and private resources. The effort to push more and more students into college, knowing that doing so requires many to assume considerable debt, is truly scandalous. It is not too much to say, that this has become a lucrative racket of criminal proportions.”

Byron Roth is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dowling College.

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Professor Roth warns of the extreme cult of the political correct–“promoted by the elites in all fields”–that “there are no significant differences among groups in either ability or temperament.” This insane ideology, so Roth, “absolves the elites who take no moral responsibility for helping the rest of society.” On the contrary, the elites are playing a dangerous game in which they pit each group against the others: After all, if all groups are supposed to be equal while in reality they are clearly not, that can only mean they are being oppressed.

Byron Roth‘s Immigration and Human Nature, available on, argues a convincing case that the globalists’ Utopian dream of multiculturalism is perilous and, ultimately, a vicious attack on the freedom and liberties of all groups in the world who are brutally forced, often accompanied by lies and deception, into life-styles they naturally, that is: on grounds of their human nature, abhor, defy, and reject.