R.I.P. CNN – How a Corrupt News Network Dies And America is Cheering

The dirty journalists and hacks over at CNN just can’t find the EXIT gracefully

More rampant lying about the Trump family and the Russian conspiracy, and shitting in all corners of your living room. Is CNN a terrorist organization? Is it the media mafia? Is it in the subversion and sedition business? Is it mistaking itself as the actual voice of the United States of America? So many questions to ask a mentally ill, immoral, and hopelessly redundant legacy media.

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The Crap News Network is the dirty butt hole of Gossip and Yellow Journalism

It should have become obvious by now that CNN is putting out FAKE NEWS not just in order to mislead America and the International Community, and not just to hammer home its own political agenda, BUT ALSO to bully, trigger, and harass this state and nation and its democratically elected president–JUST SO TO GET CLICKS! The network is desperate for clicks, therefore: no lie or gossip is too shameful, if only CNN gets all the attention.


CNN – The Crap News Network: A lying business, a desolate journalism, a dying corporation.