Refugee Crisis: Another German Woman Raped and Murdered

Maria L. († 19) raped and drowned

Refugee (17) from Afghanistan is prime suspect

FREIBURG- The police have arrested a 17-year-old refugee from Afghanistan in the murder case of Maria L. († 19). He is suspected of having raped and murdered the student, the police and prosecutor announced on Saturday at a press conference.

Whether he is also the murderer of joggerin Carolin G. († 27), who was raped and murdered in nearby Endingen at the beginning of November, is still open.

The body of Maria L. was found on the 16th of October in the river Dreisam behind the Freiburg Schwarzwald Stadium. The medical student was on her bicycle on the way back from a student party when she was raped and killed on the banks of the river.

The police discovered male DNA on the body of the dead. A striking, colored hair, 18.5 centimeters long, that was found at the crime scene also matches the hair of the suspect.

The DNA probe was a match. The arrested teenager is of Afghan origin, traveled to Germany as an unaccompanied refugee in 2015, said prosecutor Dieter Inhofer. In Freiburg, he lived in a guest family. So far, he is silent on the allegations.

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