Regime media ARD warns Germans: If we stop extorting your money, we’ll disappear!

ARD anchorwoman to Germans: We would look like this…

This is so hilarious. Let’s spice it up with an analogy: So, you go out for a meal and spend your money where your taste leads you alright? But not in Germany, where a regime-curried Döner Kebab is delivered to your doorstep–against a compulsory fee. You may not eat the meal, but you sure have to pay the delivery fee. Every month! It’s the law!

Regime Media Anchorwoman warns Germans of the terrible consequences of not paying their compulsory media fee. :-D

This is similar to the current situation of Germany’s state-owned propaganda media–ARD and ZDF. They want you, the population, to pay for a meal of their choice that few really desire or favor–against the whopping fee of 8 billion euros a year.

In cahoots with the corrupt regime

It would be alright, I guess, if ARD and ZDF were inclusive, democratic, producing competitive stuff and honest news. Instead, we get collusion, cheap indoctrination, constant enemy propaganda and fake news non-stop. It’s off-turning. So people turn off.

The regime knows this, yet is determined to crack down on any change. It forces every household in Germany to pay about 210 euros a year for the regime propaganda till you die. You may not watch their program. You may not even own a TV or radio. But you sure have to finance their media cartel! People get arrested for non-compliance.

The price of socialism: compulsory media and indoctrination

The majority of the German people object to socialism and totalitarian state in the 21st Century. The people object to supporting a corrupt media mafia that goes door to door and extorts money from them. And for what? The regime media lies, lies, lies and deceives the people 24/7. Especially younger generations would rather put their money where they want to: the independent media, the free media, the alternative media, the people’s media, or even some foreign media, or… just the Internet.

So, naturally, the German regime and its media muppets get very nervous. Hundreds of millions of euros are invested into new campaigns and programs to brainwash the youth, to cater to younger audiences, and to tell them, over and over again, that the regime is the only source they must trust and that everyone else is fake news and a Nazi. It’s truly Orwellian.

Here’s one particularly dimwitted attempt by an ARD anchorwoman to warn the more loyal German audiences that if they didn’t pay their compulsory media fees to the ARD, the ARD would look like this:

Oh dear, Heinz. What did just happen?! Are the Russians coming? I think we are cut off the world now. It’s all so grizzly and dark in here. I have no idea where to look for the news.

Now, THAT’S what I call a propaganda triumph! Very persuasive. If the ARD were one day to look like this:

… Germany would definitely be a darker place, an unpleasant democracy, a free market for news and ideas, and… we might finally see the emergence of journalism–Oh Gottogott.

And the moral of the story is: DO NOT PAY THE REGIME MEDIA A CENT! It is undemocratic, immoral, and unconstitutional. It’s enslavement. And they will never, ever tell you any truth that really matters anyway–so why paying for your own prison?

One more time without the ARD:

Ah, that felt so good!